· July, 2007

Stories about Armenia from July, 2007

Caucasus: Attitudes towards NGOs

  31 July 2007

Social Science in the Caucasus unveils some figures on how people in the three countries Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia perceive non-governmental organisations.

Armenia: Digging holes

  31 July 2007

Many bloggers attended a protest in Armenia's capital Yerevan where people voiced their dismay at a new construction site in the city's center: a huge hole is being dug 300 meters away from the municipal authorities – but no one, not even the mayor, knows what's really going on there....

Armenia: Getting rid of old cars

  26 July 2007

A new rule is set to remove taxis older than 10 years from the streets in Armenia. While this has already led to an outcry of taxi drivers afraid to loose their jobs, not everyone is unhappy about the news: Christian Garbis says that the new regulation will help improve...

Armenia: RFE/RL closure imminent

  25 July 2007

Following weeks of protests to avoid getting Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty's off air in Armenia, the authorities are now refusing to sign a new contract for the independent news outlet. Onnik Krikorian has the scoop.

Armenia: 2008 elections

  24 July 2007

The 2008 Presidential Election Monitor wonders whether next year's voting will be cleaner than before. The roundup also ponders the state of the opposition in Armenia.

Armenia: International outreach camp

  24 July 2007

Kyle taught a class at the latest International Outreach Camp in Armenia and shares her experiences from a week which “showcased some of the amazing talent and potential Armenian youth have”.

Armenia: Shootout fallout

  24 July 2007

How convincing is it of the authorities to claim that a shootout hurts several people but is not responsible for the death of a child very close by? Onnik Krikorian has the latest developments in which a suspect has handed himself in after being on the run for two months.

Caucasus: Arms race

  20 July 2007

Onnik Krikorian is concerned that with all states in the Caucasus increasing their military spending, an arms race and – worst of all – new military conflicts can become a likely future scenario.

Armenia: Horrific car crash

  19 July 2007

Observer reports on a horrific car crash near Armenia's capital Yerevan. The old and unrefurbished road connecting Georgia and Armenia is the scene of accidents frequently.

Armenia/Azerbaijan: Presidential elections in Nagorno Karabakh

  19 July 2007

Today's presidential elections in Nagorno Karabakh draw the world's attention to one of the most volatile regions of the former Soviet Union. The conflict over the breakaway and self-declared republic is still dominating relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and unfortunately, no lasting peace agreement is on the horizon. Meanwhile, people in Nagorno Karabakh just want to get on with their lives.

Caucasus: Governance

  19 July 2007

HansG looks at a new World Bank study that compares the quality of governance in the world. He has a closer look at the three countries in the Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and highlights trends of the last 10 years.

Armenia: Vardavar at Garni

  16 July 2007

Vardavar is fun for almost everyone, as you can get away with throwing water at complete strangers. Christian Garbis and Onnik Krikorian (more photos here and here) went to witness this ancient Zoroastrian ceremony in a village near the Armenian capital.

Central Asia: Clash of opinion

  14 July 2007

Josh Foust engages in an extremely interesting discussion with an Uzbek journalist (working for a Russian news agency) about Western promotion of democracy in Central Asia.

Armenia: Presidential candidate

  12 July 2007

On the 2008 Presidential Election Monitor, Onnik Krikorian says that US-born Raffi Hovannisian might have good chances in next year's polls as he is one of the most popular and cleanest politicians in the country. The problem is, however, that Hovannisian only received his Armenian citizenship in 2001 and might...

Armenia: Defective church?

  12 July 2007

Lori is appalled hearing the Pope say that non-Catholic Christian communities are not true churches. Actually, she says, Christianity was introduced in Armenia before it became accepted in the Roman Empire.

Armenia: Playing nardi

  11 July 2007

Nardi- (or backgammon-) playing seniors are an omnipresent sight in Yerevan when it's warm outside. On his 39th birthday, Onnik Krikorian wonders whether he should soon join them.

Armenia: Film festival

  11 July 2007

On Life in Armenia, Raffi K. reports on the opening of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival, which takes place for the fourth time in the capital Yerevan this year.