· June, 2007

Stories about Armenia from June, 2007

RFE/RL under attack in Armenia

  28 June 2007

The Armenian branch of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, one of the few independent broadcasters in the country, is under increasing pressure from the government, report Oneworld and The Armenian Observer.

Armenia: Road Work

26 June 2007

Notes from Hairenik reports on traffic nightmares in Yerevan and a planned two years of construction on major roadways.

U.S. Concerned About Armenia’s Ties With Iran

  22 June 2007

“Iran is planning massive investments into the economies of Georgia and Armenia. We’re talkingof 1 billion dollars for Tbilissi and a analogous offer to Yerevan. For your consideration: the total amount of Russian investments in Georgia in 2006 did not exceed 30 million dollars, as to Armenia, after arrangements made...

Caucasus: Not a Region

  20 June 2007

Artur says that the South Caucasus is an artificial and unnecessary construct — that the three countries within in have little in common.

Armenia: Traffic Accidents

13 June 2007

Nazarian says that since Armenian traffic police started using mobile patrols, the number of reported traffic accidents has increased. He is quick to remind that corelation is not causation.

Armenia: National Glue

At Blogrel, Harmick wonders whether or not a shared sense of pain resulting from the experience of genocide is the glue that gives Armenians around the world a shared sense of identity, and worries whether or not that sense of shared identity would vanish if the community decided to put...

Caucasus: Tourism Index

  8 June 2007

Social Science in the Caucasus summarizes how the Caucasus states fare on the World Economic Forum's new tourism index.

Armenia: Reckless Drivers

1 June 2007

Notes from Hairenik says that there are far too many reckless drivers in Armenia, and explains how that recklessness contributed to an accident in which the author was involved.