· March, 2007

Stories about Armenia from March, 2007

Armenia: Targeting Students

  29 March 2007

At the CRD/TI Armenian Election Mointor 2007, a student from Yerevan writes about how the Prosperous Armenia party targets students.

Armenia: Something Smells Fishy

  27 March 2007

At the Armenian Socialist-Libertarian Movement blog, Sasuntsi Anarchist says that the timing of the Armenian prime minister's death is suspicious.

Armenia off balance: Government resigns over PM’s death

  26 March 2007

“Andranik Margaryan, the Prime Minister of Armenia, the chairman of Republican Party of Armenia died of heart stroke in his apartment on March 25, at 13:20.” (E-channel) Andranik Margaryan, the longest serving Prime-Minister of Armenia (in power since May 12, 2000), head of the ruling Republican party and one of...

Armenia: The Water's Fine

  26 March 2007

Notes From Hareinik says that Armenian mineral water is probably perfectly safe and says that the recent US ban on Jermuk brand water may have been politically motivated.

Prosperous Armenia party everywhere!!!

  23 March 2007

As early as “@ 2007-03-21 09:07:00″ Narjan (ru) reported that the word “DOD” is charcoaled on the wall of presidential palace in Yerevan, which was promptly cleaned up (ru) to spoil the joy of the bloggers, who nevertheless appreciated the efficiency of cleaning works. Later on 22nd March via CRD...

Armenia: Economic Developments

  21 March 2007

Armenian Blog Review reports on various developments in the Armenian economy, including a natural gas pipeline linking Iran and Armenia and poor localization for Windows XP, as discussed on Armenian blogs.

Armenia: Decision 2007

  20 March 2007

Harmick of Blogrel explains why one should not expect much political change as a result of Armenia's upcoming parliamentary election.

Questions about the Armenian economy

  16 March 2007

There is some impressive growth in the Armenian economy, The Armenian Economist (of course!) says: […]Armenia’s economy has grown at double digit rates over the past five years. Construction activity accounted for much of the recent growth in the economy (see recent post). Changes in the underlying trend in construction...

Armenia: Construction & Growth

  14 March 2007

The Armenian Economist examines growth in Armenia's construction market. Growth in construction accounts for much of Armenia's recent economic growth, and the blogger argues that the new construction will spur other growth.

Armenia: Half Silly/Half Serious

13 March 2007

Anoush Armenia reports on a recent half silly/half serious exhibition in Yerevan that was intended to provoke participants into thinking about whether or not they are satisfied with the reality around them.

Armenia: Early Advertising

  12 March 2007

The CRD/TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007 reports that campaign advertisements are going up in Yerevan despite such ads not yet being legally allowed.