· May, 2006

Stories about Armenia from May, 2006

Armenia: Fire in Kond

  30 May 2006

A fire broke out in Yerevan's historic Kond neighborhood, destroying five homes. Blogrel notes some strange inaccuracies in the local media's coverage of the fire. Onnik Krikorian discusses the issue further and has pictures of the aftermath.

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

  30 May 2006

Vakhs valley, March 2006, Erik Petersson, Dushanbe Pictures. Welcome to the latest roundup from the Central Asian and Caucasian blogosphere, brought to you by neweurasia. First off, apologies for the long delay in presenting you this edition. Now that final year exams are over, our postings should appear bi-weekly again....

Yerevan: Destroying the Past

  24 May 2006

Christian Garbis continues his reporting on the destruction of Yerevan's pre-Soviet buildings to make way for new construction.

Armenia: The First Republic

  24 May 2006

Nessuna writes about an event presenting the Armenian-language publication of the first volume of Richard Hovannisian's history of the first year of the first Armenian Republic, and notes that the book restores historical truths locked away during Soviet times.

Armenia: Armavia Rumors

22 May 2006

Oneworld Multimedia writes about rumors surrounding the Armavia plane crash near Sochi at the beginning of May.

Armenia: Bikers

22 May 2006

Onnik Krikorian has more photos and posts on Armenian bikers, including an interview with the leader of a biker club, Norayr Martirosian.

Armenia: Andre

  18 May 2006

Harmick and Der Hova are excited that Armenia's Eurovision entry has made the contest's finals.

Armenia: Bikers

17 May 2006

Onnik Krikorian posts on Armenia's small biker scene.

Armenia: Sharm El

  15 May 2006

Christian Garbis raves about his favorite Indian restaurant in Yerevan and says that it has been so successful that it is taking over the kitchen at another location.

Armenia: Andres, Pop Culture

  15 May 2006

Harmick plugs his site, Andre For Armenia, promoting Armenia's entry into the Eurovision contest and rounds up Armenian pop culture news at Blogrel.

Armenia: Political Shakeup

  11 May 2006

At Blogrel, Harmick writes that Armenia's speaker of the parliament has stepped down and that his party has resigned from the ruling coalition government. He goes on to say that this may be the start of a credible opposition in Armenia.

Armenia: Yezidi Funeral

  11 May 2006

Onnik Krikorian attended a Yezidi funeral and has photos from it as well as an interview about Yezidi music's role in the culture and its relation to Muslim Kurdish music.

Armenia: Human Rights

  10 May 2006

Notes from Hareinik notes that Armenia has been named a major human rights violator and says Armenian diasporan organizations should pressure the Armenian government on human rights issues.