· December, 2005

Stories about Armenia from December, 2005

Armenia: Linux in Armenia

  28 December 2005

Onnik Krikorian has more on localized Linux in the Caucasus, noting that open source software often ends up costing more in developing countries than does proprietary software because of piracy (with a nod to our very own Ethan Zuckerman).

Armenia: Ooof

  26 December 2005

Zarchka is a new contributor at Oneworld Multimedia, and her first post is on the money and work that goes into celebrating New Year's.

Armenia: Living in a Mosque

  20 December 2005

Onnik Krikorian has photos from one of the last remaining mosques in Kond (which is all that remains of 19th century Yerevan, a Muslim village at the time). After the last Muslim Azeris left in the 1920s, it has been used as housing by Armenians.