· September, 2005

Stories about Armenia from September, 2005

Soft on Corruption

  30 September 2005

Armenian students are tolerant of corruption says Oneworld Multimedia. In fact, intolerance of corruption increases the chances of a student's marginalization.

Armenia's Budget

  29 September 2005

Oneworld Multimedia reports that Armenia's budget is set to reach $1 billion for the first time since independence. While the military will still receive the lion's share of the budget, education and social programs are set for notable increases.


  26 September 2005

Onnik Krikorian once again made the annual pilgrimage to Shamiran to cover the Armenian Yezidi community‘s late September festival. In addition to a brief report, he brought back many photos.

Hetq blocked in UAE

  26 September 2005

Martuni or Bust!!! reports that Hetq Online is blocked in the United Arab Emirates in the wake of its reporting on the trafficking of women and girls to the UAE by Armenian and Arab gangs.

Armenia's Constitutional Amendment Referendum

  22 September 2005

Oneworld Multimedia reports that in spite of international pressure and intense debate amongst politicians, most Armenians remain apathetic about proposed constitutional amendments, and that without a public information campaign, interest will likely remain low.

Georgia's Traffic Patrol

  21 September 2005

It's been one year since Georgia fired its entire notoriously corrupt traffic police force and started over with new cars, higher pay, flashy uniforms, and a television show reminiscent of Cops. Oneworld Multimedia reports that the force now enjoys high public confidence and discusses the implications for Armenia.

Interviews With The Diaspora

  16 September 2005

As part of an ongoing series on the potential role of the diaspora in building Armenian democracy, Onnik Krikorian has published his interview with Raffi K. Hovannisian, the US born Foreign Minister of Armenia.