· March, 2010

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from March, 2010

Jamaica: Extradition Issue

  15 March 2010

Jamaican bloggers take on the issue of the United States’ extradition request regarding Christopher “Dudus” Coke.

Trinidad & Tobago: Astounded by Hart

  9 March 2010

KnowTnT.com says of the Calder Hart issue: “It simply astounds me that it took so long and got so far out of control. A Prime Minister defends a man 45 times. And it astounds me that the Opposition was so deeply involved with its collective pants around its ankles that...

Trinidad & Tobago: Pone!

  9 March 2010

“Not a pudding, not a cake, but something somewhere in between”: TriniGourmet.com posts a mouth-watering recipe for cassava pone.

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Eye on T&T

  8 March 2010

Jamaica's Active Voice admits she's “quite fascinated by the goings on in Trinidad and Tobago over the last couple of days”, saying, “I'd like to see how the ruling party extricates itself from what appears to be damning evidence of guilt…”; Jumbie's Watch, meanwhile, has “perused the overall picture and...

Trinidad & Tobago: The Hart of the Matter

  7 March 2010

News broke late yesterday that Calder Hart, the Canadian-born head of The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (UDeCOTT), the company pegged as "Government's primary developer of choice", resigned from his post as Executive Chairman.

Trinidad & Tobago: Gender Policy

  5 March 2010

gspottt is keeping a close eye on the Gender Policy: “Our Government cannot shirk its responsibility to set clear domestic policy to address the concerns of the tens of thousands of GLBTI citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Hearty Defense

  5 March 2010

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog and Jumbie's Watch are following the latest political fiasco: the government's continued defense of Udecott executive chairman Calder Hart “in light of fresh evidence linking Hart to a company his board awarded $820 million in contracts.”

Trinidad & Tobago: The CLICO Question

  4 March 2010

“As we move forward into the deep waters of the CL Financial bailout, the picture becomes murkier and less encouraging”: Trinidadian blogger Afra Raymond examines “three of the main areas which need urgent explanation.”

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Getting Kicks

  4 March 2010

This Beach Called Life thinks that politics and good governance in Trinidad and Tobago are “entertainment as usual”, while across in Barbados, B.C. Pires is also amused by the goings-on in his homeland.

Trinidad & Tobago: Water Police

  3 March 2010

As Trinidad and Tobago's water authority announces that it “will be calling the police to arrest citizens” suspected of wasting water, This Beach Called Life says: “What WASA did not say was if the police was also going to arrest the WASA officials who refused to fix leaks over the...

Trinidad & Tobago: Choosing the Road March

  2 March 2010

“Do people wine in a trance brought about by alcohol or are they gyrating on strings manipulated by the whims and fancies of deejays ‘pre-lured’ with blue notes?” Underground Trini Artiste has a few questions about the process of selecting the Road March.

Trinidad & Tobago: Missing Money

  1 March 2010

“The quality of our political rulers has now joined in unholy matrimony with the sheer recklessness of their anointed deal-makers to put our economy into an entirely new and perilous place”: Trinidadian Afra Raymond examines the issue of the CLICO bailout and “the mystery of the missing money”.