· June, 2007

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from June, 2007

Trinidad & Tobago: Soca Star Released on Bail

  6 June 2007

“We often hear rumors about celebrities behaving badly, but then it appears that they never suffer any repercussions for these alleged actions as no one ever comes forward to separate fact from fiction.” Trinidad Carnival Diary reports on the assault charges facing soca star Machel Montano.

Trinidad & Tobago: Religion & Education?

  6 June 2007

“The school classroom is not the place for religious instruction: that belongs in the mosque, the temple, the church. In a multicultural society like T&T, children of different faiths and cultures need to mix, not to be confined to educational ghettoes.” Jeremy Taylor makes a case for keeping religious instruction...

Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago: Foiled Terrorist Attack at JFK

  4 June 2007

“We hear the news yesterday, take down we flags and hang we heads instead in shame and grief, stop this rain and let we tears rain down instead.” Guyana-Gyal reacts to the news of three of her countrymen being involved in the foiled terror attack at JFK airport, while Jeremy...

Trinidad & Tobago: PR or News?

  4 June 2007

“Most media houses are owned by corporate giants. Most media houses at some time or the other are thus obliged to report on their owner.” Karel Mc Intosh refers to a post by The Manicou Report to make a point about corporate interests influencing the news.

Trinidad & Tobago: Impinging on Press Freedom?

  1 June 2007

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has produced a draft constitutional reform document with a clause that may require media houses to apply for a license to operate. Karel Mc Intosh is concerned about this latest threat to Caribbean press freedom.