· April, 2006

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from April, 2006

Village cricket match, Caribbean-style

  17 April 2006

Easter Sunday cricket match — Howsen Village, Trinidad. From caribbeanfreephoto At this time of year, thoughts in the English-speaking Caribbean turn to the game of cricket. Travel around any of the region's former British colonies and you're likely to come across greens like this one, located in Howsen Village, Trinidad....

Caribbean, Venezuela, USA: CARICOM talks with US

  13 April 2006

Seeing it as evidence that the Caribbean has begun to resist the overtures of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, A. M. Mora y Leon links gleefully to a Miami Herald article which states that CARICOM is exploring the possibility of holding free trade talks with the US.

Caribbean: On mangoes

  11 April 2006

“I'm standing under the cool dark shade of my julie mango tree looking for my breakfast,” writes Attillah at The Pan Collective in her paean to one of the Caribbean's favourite non-indigenous fruit.

Trinidad & Tobago: World Cup suggestions & a comic book

  11 April 2006

Stacy-Marie Ishmael of the Trinidad & Tobago World Cup Blog posts her answers to the question of how the World Cup can be improved. She also reports that a comic book is being produced in tribute to the Soca Warriors, Trinidad & Tobago's national football team.

Caribbean: Caribbean Christian Leaders Fail Women

10 April 2006

Jessica of Alien in the Caribbean says that the region's Christian Leaders continue to fail women. “Without women, these priests, pastors and ministers would not even have a profession. So when are they going to show some acknowledgement of our worth instead of taking the easy dogmatic way out?”

Caribbean: Cruise ship cuts

  7 April 2006

One cruise line is planning to remove half its vessels from the Caribbean on account of high costs associated with hurricanes, says Mad Bull: “We are going to have to try to diversify into other areas, though I don’t know yet what they are. Our islands have a big challenge...

Trinidad & Tobago: Activist blog

  6 April 2006

The Rights Action Group T&T blog is aggregating material on the subject of the controversial aluminium smelter to be established by Alcoa in southern Trinidad.

Caribbean: Hurricane forecast

  5 April 2006

Linda Thompkins reports on a recent meeting held to discuss the 2006 hurricane season and its implications for the Caribbean. The hurricane season begins officially on June 1.

Trinidad & Tobago: Two rants

  3 April 2006

“It seems to me that rather than trying to use their money to invest in Trinidadian youth, the moneyed elite instead just use it to protect themselves,” writes Club Soda and Salt, responding to the latest cry for more licensed firearms from the Chamber of Commerce. And Francomenz recounts a...

Bold Flavors of the World

  2 April 2006

#1: From Cambodia, Phnomenon To understand Cambodian cooking, we have to look back to explore the historical events that took place there and the cultures that influenced the building of today's gastronomical bounty. In the 6th century, Cambodia was a kingdom with an Indian-inspired culture, situated on the delta and...