· September, 2012

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from September, 2012

Jamaica: In Whose Image?

  27 September 2012

Whose conception of Jamaican identity resulted in the decision to market our country in this colour-coded way?  Why are we still rubbing out black people from the big picture?  Or, at best, downplaying blackness?  Which Jamaica are we selling?  And who to? Professor Carolyn Cooper writes about class, colorism, branding...

Trinidad & Tobago: Continuing Fallout from Section 34

  24 September 2012

The fallout from Section 34 and the firing of Justice Minister Hubert Volney continues to be discussed via social media, with netizens weighing in on the (in)adequacy of the Prime Minister's actions, the scope of responsibility for the legislation, Volney's fitness to sit in Parliament and the long-term political implications of the situation.

Trinidad & Tobago: Justice Minister Fired, but is it Enough?

  22 September 2012

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, delivered a national address on the issue of the controversial Section 34 of the Indictable Offences Act. After laying out a timeline of the progress of the legislation and dismissing any notions of a conspiracy, she announced that Justice Minister Herbert Volney had been dismissed from the Cabinet.

Trinidad & Tobago: Not “Moving On” from Section 34

  19 September 2012

The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago advised earlier this week that the country should “move on” from the Section 34 debacle; contrary to his request, thousands of citizens marched against the betrayal of trust and bloggers are refusing to let the issue go.

Trinidad & Tobago: Down the Rabbit Hole?

  15 September 2012

Further to the outrage expressed by political bloggers in Trinidad and Tobago earlier this week, the country's Parliament convened to debate the controversial Section 34, which resulted in it being repealed - but citizens, both on and offline, seem to be taking limited comfort in the law's recall.

Trinidad & Tobago: Acts of Integrity?

  15 September 2012

Afra Raymond shares a series of emails he sent to the Integrity Commission and Minister of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago, questioning “the complaince of CL Financial Directors with the Integrity in Public Life Act.”

Trinidad & Tobago: The COP Motion

  15 September 2012

Philip Edward Alexander shares audio of Vernon De Lima's motion at the Congress of the People's National Council calling for the party to “disassociate itself from the People's Partnership” if National Security Minister Jack Warner wasn't removed from the cabinet. The motion was defeated and De Lima resigned as vice-chairman of...

Trinidad & Tobago: Section 34? Last Straw!

  12 September 2012

Political bloggers in Trinidad and Tobago are having a field day with the government's latest missteps - from a failed motion to remove the Minister of National Security from his post because of corruption allegations to the possibility of the accused in the airport corruption scandal walking free thanks to a section of the Indictable Offences Act.

Trinidad & Tobago: iPads for Parliament?

  12 September 2012

If this Government…want[s] to appear to be the pillar of honesty they must go out for an open public tender for tablets…and not simply go out to tender for the prestigious iPad. An apparent penchant for Parliamentary iPads has aka_lol concerned about transparency and good governance.

Trinidad & Tobago: 50 Doesn't Add Up

  4 September 2012

How come the nation never learn to grow as a nation from all its peoples and from its individual talents? And how come the money and the success not giving the happiness we stop longing for? Matters Arising republishes a letter from a friend, commenting on the state of the...

Trinidad & Tobago: 50 Years Later

  2 September 2012

On August 31, Trinidad and Tobago marked its 50th year of independence from Great Britain. The weekend has been full of celebration and citizen media commentary on what the landmark anniversary means.