· September, 2010

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from September, 2010

Trinidad & Tobago: The Big Question

  30 September 2010

Continuing his examination of the terms of the CLICO bailout, Afra Raymond asks the $57,000 question: “‘If the CL Financial group is insolvent, then how are we paying for all this?’”

Trinidad & Tobago: Accepting Difference

  29 September 2010

Globewriter, on learning of the suicide of a gay teen as a result of bullying, says: “I have heard from some here in the Caribbean that homophobia is part of the culture…If it is part of Caribbean culture to tell a significant part of its population that it is morally...

Trinidad & Tobago: MATT's Role

  28 September 2010

“I know in a democracy it is only right for everyone to have their say. Even in criticising you, MATT. But when the criticism becomes mere target practice, it’s time for us to grow up and look at MATT not as the enemy but as a vessel for all of...

Trinidad & Tobago: Sweetheart Deal

  27 September 2010

“For those of us who did not invest with CLICO, the mere idea of our taxpayers’ funds being used to rescue those who placed high-return deposits is deeply offensive. Both the CL Financial chiefs and the depositors who took the chance at investing at those incredible rates of return are...

Trinidad & Tobago: Parang Time

  27 September 2010

Simply Trini Cooking blogs about Parang – “one of Trinidad and Tobago's folk music that seems in a remarkable way to stay true to its original form” – here and here.

Trinidad & Tobago: Dat is Mas

  23 September 2010

Repeating Islands notes that “‘Mas Man Peter Minshall’ has won the prestigious Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at The New York International Film Festival.

Trinidad & Tobago: Do the Math

  16 September 2010

“If citizens are being asked to trust our leaders’ public statements, then the statistics on their own departments’ websites must match”: KnowTnT.com is doing the math and says the numbers don't add up.

Trinidad & Tobago: Happy Birthday, Alice Yard

  14 September 2010

Pleasure says of Alice Yard's fourth anniversary: “The contribution of this space, at formal, anecdotal and social levels, cannot be underestimated. It has been a place for the arts, in a country where the arts are all too often left bereft.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Sound Plan?

  13 September 2010

KnowTnT.com weighs in on “government's plans for bailing out CLICO's short-term investment and mutual fund depositors”, while Plain Talk adds: “The contentious…CLICO issue…has…ended up only rewarding the gang of thieves that caused the problem in the first place.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Love vs. Hate

  9 September 2010

KnowTnT.com says of the U.S. pastor who intends to burn the Quran on September 11: “Let us get to the real heart of this matter, which is not about God's love but about MAN'S HATE. I hope that everyone out there will listen when I say God's love will NEVER...

Trinidad & Tobago: Budget Day

  8 September 2010

Today is Budget Day and Plain Talk has a few bits of advice for the new Finance Minister: “There has been a change in Parties at the helm of Governance, and if that change is to have any meaning…the real Leaders…need to espouse a vision [that] is very clear in...

Trinidad & Tobago: On Boscoe

  7 September 2010

Nicholas Laughlin is “bemused and bothered” by certain aspects of an interview given to the New York Review of Books blog about artist Boscoe Holder’s work, while Pleasure ruminates on the late artist's male nudes.

Trinidad & Tobago: Supporting Young Writers

  6 September 2010

“It’s an ambitious endeavour, aimed at making a crucial intervention in Trinidad and Tobago’s literary scene and education system”: The Caribbean Review of Books interviews Lisa Allen-Agostini about her admirable initiative, ‘The Allen Prize for Young Writers’.