· June, 2010

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from June, 2010

Trinidad & Tobago: In Through the Out Door

  15 June 2010

Outlish is a new online magazine targeted at young adult Trinbagonians. It showcases people who are going after their dreams and features fresh perspectives on issues that readers obviously relate to, because its popularity is soaring. We find out what makes Outlish the newest "in" thing by talking with its founder and Editor-in-Chief, Karel Mc Intosh...

Trinidad & Tobago: Budget of the People?

  14 June 2010

KnowTnT.com applauds the new Finance Minister's initiative “to design a ‘dialogue process’ for all stakeholders to voice their opinions on the Republic’s budget”, saying: “He leads a process (if genuine) of true participatory/contributory governance.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Dual Role

  9 June 2010

KnowTnT.com sees “three pillars” regarding “the issue of whether the new Minister of Works and Transport, Mr Jack Warner, should resign his FIFA Vice-President and CONCACAF President roles.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Media & Food

  9 June 2010

“The food industry is engaged in a number of strategies, sometimes considered questionable, to control the dissemination of information and the general response to their products”: Simply Trini Cooking considers how advertising influences food choices.

Trinidad & Tobago: Setting Precedents

  7 June 2010

“There were some precedents set by the last PNM, which were so shocking, even by our elastic standards, that they must be highlighted, so we can ensure they are never repeated”: Afra Raymond thinks now is as good a time as any to remind Trinidad and Tobago's new government about...

Trinidad & Tobago: Caribbean-American Heritage

  7 June 2010

“With June officially proclaimed as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month in the USA, you’d think the Caribbean community would be full of excitement”: Outlish Magazine gets feedback from the blogosphere about the month designed to be “the platform for a dialogue between Caribbean peoples and the American public.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Broken Promise

  4 June 2010

Trinidad and Tobago's new Prime Minister has reneged on her promise to not move into her predecessor's residence, prompting B.C. Pires to comment: “What the palace stands for is clear…and anyone who deliberately chooses to occupy the palace necessarily assumes all its trappings. You can't play sailor mas and ‘fraid...

Trinidad & Tobago: About those Laptops…

  4 June 2010

The recently elected government of Trinidad and Tobago has promised free laptops for children about to enter secondary school; KnowTnT.com has a better idea: “Schools. Infrastructure that supports broadband internet access – not just in urbanized areas but throughout the nation. Subsidize it.”

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Gulf Spill

  4 June 2010

Labrish Jamaica wonders whether the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will affect the Caribbean, while the incident has made Trinidad and Tobago's This Beach Called Life “think about our very own offshore drilling efforts”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Red Earth

  2 June 2010

“The Red Earth Eco-Arts Festival has become one of the highlights of Trinidad's cultural calendar”: MEP Caribbean Publishers previews this year's events.

Trinidad & Tobago: Stepping Out of the Mold?

  1 June 2010

“Manning has one more chance at posterity: he can decide whether Trinidad AM (After Manning) goes backward (with Keith Rowley) or forward (with Penny Beckles)”: Trinidad Media Arts & Culture blogs about his impression of the country's former Prime Minister.