· April, 2009

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from April, 2009

Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago: Summit Summary

  24 April 2009

GuyToons, a Guyanese cartoon blog, posts a series of funnies on the recently-concluded Summit of the Americas, while Trinbago Forever waits to see what benefits will be derived from the Summit and Mauvais Langue adds: “Instead of wasteful spending, use the money wisely and spend it to fight crime.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Solo Signature

  23 April 2009

Trinidadian blogger B.C. Pires says the real reason that the signing ceremony for the recently-concluded Summit of the Americas was important “was to justify the scandalous costs of the Chinese-built Great House…a pity our Big Cheese signed alone; makes that whole firetrucking International Important Monkeys In Jackets Liming Spot seem...

Trinidad & Tobago: Summit Thoughts

  22 April 2009

From Trinidad and Tobago, The Undisputed Truth claims that “even Fidel Castro thinks the Summit was too expensive”, while Barbados-based B.C. Pires is experiencing the “post-Summit blues”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Return on Investment?

  21 April 2009

“Trinidadians always buy into this idea that hosting something will get us lots of free press. Thing is: no-one really cares all that much who hosts the summit. Perhaps you get a few extra googles…but the idea that these things pay for themselves is delusional”: Club Soda and Salt is...

Americas: 5th Summit Reactions

  20 April 2009

The much-hyped Fifth Summit of the Americas is now over, culminating with the Hemispheric leaders' adoption of the Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain - albeit with one signatory - the Prime Minister of host country Trinidad and Tobago, who purportedly signed on behalf of all participating leaders. This signaled to many a clear lack of unanimity on the final declaration, hardly surprising given the differing agendas of the 34 participating nations. Bloggers were quick to post their impressions of the three-day engagement.

Trinidad and Tobago: Saving the Mangrove

  14 April 2009

“Is Essar and mangrove destruction the best way forward and is melting steel the best way for a small country with only a few yeas of gas left to develop?”: This Beach Called Life encourages you to sign a petition to save “the Claxton Bay mangrove and the environment in...

Caribbean: Easter Traditions

  13 April 2009

Bloggers from Trinidad and Tobago, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti and even from the diaspora discuss Caribbean Easter traditions.

Trinidad & Tobago: Mainstream Media

  13 April 2009

Keith in Trinidad has issues with the local mainstream media, saying: “‘Responsible journalism’ appears to have joined the ranks of ‘Police intelligence’ and ‘Honourable Member of Parliament'”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Socialist State?

  9 April 2009

“Just remember, not too long ago, the prime minister almost got away with this statement. ‘Some of the most prosperous nations in the world are dictatorships.'”: Paolo's Blog suggests that Trinidad and Tobago may be “goose-stepping towards a socialist state.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Facelift

  7 April 2009

“Quick! Look busy. Obama is coming. Hide away anything that would suggest that we have screwed up priorities and should be spending $600 million doing the things we are paying lip service to in the Summit of the Americas declaration
”: Attillah Springer wishes Trinidad and Tobago would get its priorities...

Trinidad & Tobago: The Value of Protest

  6 April 2009

From Trinidad and Tobago, This Beach Called Life thinks that “The Summit of the Americas can give our local protesters, along with foreign protest consultants, a world stage to highlight both international and our version of greed, incompetence and massive ego tripping.”

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, U.S.A.: Focus on Obama

  1 April 2009

Jamaican diaspora blogger Geoffrey Philp posts another poem for Barack Obama, while in Trinidad and Tobago, Media Watch applauds the BBC‘s coverage of Obama's arrival for the G20 Summit and says that local media should take a cue from its foreign counterparts to improve their coverage of the upcoming Summit...