· December, 2008

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from December, 2008

Trinidad & Tobago: Carnival Culture

  31 December 2008

“Minister of Culture Marlene Mc Donald has no doubts that Carnival 2009 will be a success even in the face of the global economic crisis”: Trinidad Carnival Diary is not so sure.

Trinidad & Tobago:

  31 December 2008

“It is an interesting note on which to end this year. Going back in order to go forward, knowing what went to know what comes next”: Trinidadian blogger Attillah Springer bids farewell to the Old Year and welcomes the new…

Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba: City of Contradictions

  29 December 2008

Trinidadian blogger Tattoo spends Christmas in Havana and comes away with the impression that “the revolution has not achieved a new equilibrium. Instead, it has re-appropriated the inequalities inherent in any capitalist society and ensured that those in power are the haves as opposed to the have nots. And this...

Trinidad & Tobago, U.S.A.: Sock & Awe

  24 December 2008

Trinidadian blogger Attillah Springer is playing Sock and Awe, “the simply brilliant online game” in which more than 46 million people have pelted shoes at President Bush – but more importantly, she is “plotting ways to pelt intellectual shoes, coming up with ideas on how to bobolise those who would...

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Stanford's Legends

  22 December 2008

Barbadian Cheese-on-bread! and Trinidad-based Caribbean Beat Blog talk about the uncertainty surrounding US billionaire Allen Stanford's continued involvement in Caribbean cricket, following the dissolution of his West Indies 20/20 Cricket Board of Legends.

Trinidad & Tobago: Earthquake & Flood

  22 December 2008

From Trinidad and Tobago, Coffeewallah blogs about an early morning earthquake: “It was really something that jolt, makes you wonder if the universe is trying to tell us something, floods, earthquake, what next, a plague of grasshoppers?”, while TriniView.com posts photos of the recent flooding she refers to.

Trinidad & Tobago: Where is the Love?

  18 December 2008

Trinidad and Tobago girls, politics, sports, technology, carnival, and lifestyle is “totally shocked by the lack of support from regional leaders” with regard to the Prime Minister's recent cancer surgery.

Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba: National Shame

  17 December 2008

“The Prime Minister's gone to Cuba to get a tumor removed. He surveyed the length and breadth of our islands and decided there was neither a well equipped hospital nor one single suitably trained Trinbagonian surgeon in our entire country that could perform the procedure”: Trin calls the move “a...

Trinidad & Tobago: Christmas Drinks

  17 December 2008

In preparation for the Christmas season, TriniGourmet.com posts a recipe for Punch de Creme, “another of Trinidad’s traditional Christmas drinks”, while Simply Trini Cooking does the same for Sorrel: “To me Sorrel is synonymous with Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, U.S.A.: Ducking the Issue

  17 December 2008

West Indian bloggers continue to comment on the Bush shoe-throwing incident. Barbadians Jdid and Cheese-on-bread! are unimpressed with the Secret Service's response time, while Notes from Port of Spain says: “It's a pity that the journalist Muntazar al-Zaidi isn't a better shot.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Oval Art

  15 December 2008

The walls of the Queen's Park Oval in Port of Spain have been plastered “with large posters showcasing the who's who in local contemporary art” – the bookmann thinks a few additional steps need to be taken to make the project worthwhile.

Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister's Health

  12 December 2008

Trinidadians and Tobagonians were shocked yesterday by news that Prime Minister Patrick Manning was diagnosed with kidney cancer. While few bloggers commented publicly, in more private forums like Facebook discussions are raging about the consequences of Manning's state of health.

Trinidad & Tobago: Artistry

  11 December 2008

Blogging from Trinidad and Tobago, the bookmann interviews Trinidadian wire artist Susan Dayal and reviews graphic artist Marlon Darbeau's most recent installation.

Trinidad & Tobago: Waste Not

  10 December 2008

“The next time you see your neighbor’s garbage scattered on the road don’t think of it as an unsightly mess but as an opportunity to get to know them better”: Blogging from Trinidad and Tobago, This Beach Called Life gets trashy!