· November, 2008

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from November, 2008

Caribbean: Watching Mumbai

  28 November 2008

From the other side of the world, Caribbean bloggers monitor the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and react with anxiety and consternation.

Trinidad & Tobago: The Art of Stuart Hahn

  27 November 2008

From Trinidad and Tobago, the bookmann features an interview with artist Stuart Hahn, while Antilles focuses on “three Caribbean-related titles” that have made The New York Times annual list of notable books.

Trinidad & Tobago: Monkeying Around

  26 November 2008

From Trinidad and Tobago, Paolo's Blog is convinced that “Patrick Manning and his roving band of capuchins have thrust us headlong into an economic conundrum that will be far more complex than many imagine.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Gender Gap

  25 November 2008

“The World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2008 not only listed Trinidad & Tobago as the regional leader in both the Caribbean and Latin America in closing the gender gap, but placed #19 of countries around the world making that kind of progress”: Discover TnT Blog‘s Caroline Neisha comments:...

Trinidad & Tobago: Godliness?

  21 November 2008

This Beach Called Life suggests that the members of Trinidad and Tobago's government are “Gods of The Good Times”: “The bad and hard times fall squarely on the lap of the real God and the opposition.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Gotham City?

  20 November 2008

Trinidad and Tobago's The Liming House blogs about Baby Marisa, who died from a rare but treatable liver problem: “The death of this innocent should rest on all our minds. Who defends the defenseless? How is it that a government has basically left a child to die and faces no...

Trinidad & Tobago: Flood!

  19 November 2008

Trinidad and Tobago has been at the receiving end of some heavy rains over the past few days, resulting in severe flood waters that have immobilized commuters, compromised infrastructure and wreaked havoc on the public transportation system. But only a handful of local bloggers were on top of the story (perhaps the rest were too busy trying to find a way home).

Trinidad & Tobago: Accountability

  17 November 2008

“More than three years have passed already since the Saturday morning in October 2005 when thousands of Trinidadians marched through the streets of Port of Spain to protest the Manning government's failure to deal with spiralling murder and kidnapping rates, widespread public anxiety, and the profound social inequalities behind these”:...

Trinidad & Tobago: Is this Development?

  12 November 2008

Trinidadian blogger Coffeewallah finds it “distasteful on so many levels that a man could be reduced to less than my dog, that as a nation stumbling towards what we call development, we still have not found a way to treat with our dispossessed.”