· July, 2008

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from July, 2008

Trinidad & Tobago: Living the Truth

  30 July 2008

Blogging from Trinidad and Tobago, Ramblings and Reason bursts with pride when her “friend David not only got on a stage and said that he is a gay man, he also said he is living with HIV and has been for 11 years. For him, it was about being honest....

Trinidad & Tobago: Searching for Truth

  30 July 2008

“One man says we are living under a dictatorship. The other asks, ‘What are you talking about? This isn’t dictatorship. Pinochet, now that was a dictator.’ Sometimes it’s so easy to identify with the first guy”: The Manicou Report plays “the armchair analyst” after an on-air showdown between a reporter...

Trinidad & Tobago: What Next?

  29 July 2008

“What now then? Do we engage a Commission of Inquiry to look into the 1990 Insurrection? What we do next after all this time has to make sense…” Keith in Trinidad still has many unanswered questions about the attempted coup that took place 18 years ago, while Coffeewallah adds: “The...

Trinidad & Tobago: Flambeaux

  28 July 2008

Trinidadian blogger Attillah Springer takes a walk through the Croisee a few days after a known drug dealer is killed: “The flambeaux extend much further than you would expect. Love and fear are strange bedfellows so you’re not sure if they do it because they know him and care or...

Trinidad & Tobago: Remembering 1990

  28 July 2008

Trinidad and Tobago marked the 18th anniversary of the attempted coup yesterday. Club Soda and Salt says: “Another July 27th, another anniversary of the worst day in our nation’s history swept quietly under the rug. Our leaders have once again demonstrated how deeply unserious they are.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Question Time

  25 July 2008

“So as to avoid heartache, stress, stalking or late night non-returning of flaky text messages,” Trinidadian blogger Attillah Springer has compiled a must-read questionnaire for potential dates.

Trinidad & Tobago: Line Up

  21 July 2008

Trinidadian Andre Bagoo notices that he spends much of his life in a line: “This is the fate of a society dominated by industrial forces, forces that literally turn us into little cogs in a process that sees us as no more than just subjects; subjects who must be made...

Trinidad & Tobago: Now Hair This!

  17 July 2008

“I’m a twenty-something overachieving chick with dreadlocks and a predilection for wearing Converse to work”: Trinidadian blogger The Liming House says her hair “is about defying stereotypes.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Polluted Olympics

  14 July 2008

Looking ahead to the Olympics next month, Trinidad's Life from a caffeine hyped point of view says pollution is a sobering reality of these Games. Seeing photos of pollution, she says “makes you almost wish that Beijing was still The Forbidden City, and one cannot help but be saddened by...

Trinidad & Tobago: Survival Strategy

  11 July 2008

Trinidadian blogger, The Coffee Wallah, isn't impressed by the G8 leaders’ tree-planting exercise, and says our approach to the environment reminds her of a Hollywood action movie. “Are we really going to wait until we have four minutes to save the world?”, she asks.

Barbados: Trini Invasion

  11 July 2008

As Barbados gears up for its annual “Crop Over” carnival, Boyce Voice protests the inclusion of several Trinidadian performers as headliners in the festival's biggest event.

Trinidad & Tobago: Fashion forward?

  8 July 2008

Afrobella comments on the highly publicised all-black issue of Italian Vogue, and wonders whether it's a “one-time-only bone” to placate the increasingly loud chorus of complaints from women of colour.

Trinidad & Tobago: Embarrassment of Riches

  7 July 2008

The US President's statement that Trinidad & Tobago no longer qualifies for preferential trade status causes Four Fingers and a Thumb 2.0 to consider all the ways in which the twin-island republic is “too rich.”

Barbados: Tourism Threat?

  7 July 2008

Barbados Underground comments on a recent newspaper article headlined “No tourism threat from Trinidad”, and suggests the reality may soon be very different.