· March, 2008

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from March, 2008

Trinidad & Tobago: A Woman Scorned

  31 March 2008

“WOMAN's son is murdered by her husband and the first thing that springs to the Trinbagonian mind is that she must have been horning him”: Trinidad and Tobago's latest murder/suicide spurs Andre Bagoo to write a thoughtful post on gender issues, double standards and sexual stereotypes.

Trinidad & Tobago: Politics & Sport

  28 March 2008

Notes from Port of Spain makes his case for leaving politics out of the upcoming China Olympics: “Once you establish the principle that global sports meetings can be boycotted on political grounds, there's no end to it – no country on earth is 100 per cent virtuous.”

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Liming

  28 March 2008

“While the term might have its origins in Trinidad, the pass time (and don't tell me it should be pastime) is truly Caribbean”: Living in Barbados is in the mood for a good lime.

Trinidad & Tobago: Tropical Dry Forests

  26 March 2008

“When people think about the destruction and degradation of tropical forests, they tend to focus on rainforests. Tropical dry forests tend to get overlooked.” Trinidadian blogger Further Thoughts explains.

Trinidad & Tobago: Robbed!

  25 March 2008

Trinidadian blogger Shivonne Du Barry‘s cell phone is stolen – recounting the incident, she says: “This country has me more emotionally conflicted than a cheating man. I love it so much but things keep happening to make me feel I have to get out. Still, I know it will pass...

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, USA: Obama's Vision

  24 March 2008

Jamaican Geoffrey Philp thinks that Barack Obama “has a deep understanding of America and that he offers a transcendent vision of America that we haven't had in a long time”, while Notes from Port of Spain quotes Obama's “race speech”: “‘I am the son of a black man from Kenya...

Trinidad & Tobago: Senseless Murder

  17 March 2008

Club Soda and Salt is saddened by news of Trinidad and Tobago's latest murder: “Ultimately, this man was shot for doing what so many of us lack the courage to do: taking responsibility for the children in his community, instead of just ignoring them.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Food for Thought

  12 March 2008

Blogging from Trinidad & Tobago, This Beach Called Life offers some food for thought: “Citizens of the country are being urged to plant food in their backyards in order to reduce the effects of rising food prices…with this in mind I planted two boxes of original KFC with fries, a...

Barbados, Venezuela: Petro Caribe

  10 March 2008

“We have often asked the question on this blog, ‘What is it that Chavez gets out of Petro Caribe?'”, writes Barbadian blogger Notes From The Margin: “Thankfully it seems that other people are asking the same question.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Tourism Leader?

  8 March 2008

As a new study reveals that Trinidad & Tobago is set to show the greatest tourism growth in the region, Discover TnT Blog says: “What we all hope is that T&T – promoted as the ‘true Caribbean’ – does not dilute all that makes it unique in order to compete...

Trinidad & Tobago: UWI Regression?

  7 March 2008

Leslie at Trinidad and Tobago News Blog thinks that by hosting The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, “The University of the West Indies, at the helm of Caribbean intellectualism, has exposed its backwardness as an institution of higher learning.”