· November, 2007

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from November, 2007

Caribbean: Earthquake Tremors

  29 November 2007

Just a few hours ago, the Caribbean experienced strong tremors from an earthquake that originated off the coast of Martinique - regional bloggers talk about what it was like.

Trinidad & Tobago: Road Rage

  26 November 2007

“When we repeatedly inflict harm upon each other’s psyches, we must expect the results to be terrible”: Ramblings and Reason blogs about road rage in Trinidad and Tobago.

Caribbean: Giving Thanks

  22 November 2007

Thanksgiving may be a traditionally North American holiday - but more and more, the Caribbean seems to be taking notice - so much so that many regional bloggers have been paying a warm West Indian tribute to Thanksgiving…

Caribbean: Blogalization

  21 November 2007

What does the term "blogalization" mean to the Caribbean? In this post, a few regional bloggers weigh in. Guyana-Gyal said: "I don't know who coined it…I first used it in June, then found others have been using it before. In some small way, can blogging for the Caribbean be like globalization?..."

Trinidad & Tobago: Crime Talk

  21 November 2007

“These men choose words that are meant to convince the population that crime is being handled effectively, yet the results show the opposite”: Jumbie's Watch thinks that the people in charge combating crime in Trinidad and Tobago are “flapping lips” and “bumping gums”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Murder Rate

  20 November 2007

Now Is Wow loses count of the number of murders that have occurred post-elections in Trinidad and Tobago: “There has not been a word from the Government or the Minister of Security on this upsurge”…while Trinbago Forever says: “All this murder occurring within less than two weeks should -yet again-...

Jamaica: Blogging for Literature

  20 November 2007

Geoffrey Philp reflects on the mission of his blog: “We need to preserve our literature. For what else is literature but memory and promise: who we thought we have been and what we imagine ourselves to be.”

Trinidad & Tobago: WordPress Woes

  16 November 2007

Lifespan of a Chennette is in Turkey without WordPress and compares herself to “that cat on the wall, in Antalya, sulking a bit…I had no intention of making any kind of political comment on Turkey, but this is frustrating.”

Jamaica: Ignorance or Bliss?

  16 November 2007

“It hurts me to say the truth — those of us in Jamaica who are educated and employed benefit from those who aren't,” writes Francis Wade, as he blogs about economic realities.