· March, 2007

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from March, 2007

Trinidad & Tobago: Second Life for Caribbean Teens?

  30 March 2007

Caribbean Public Relations reports on Coca-Cola‘s latest marketing concept for Caribbean teenagers – “a virtual city…called Caribbean Connection. The idea borrows from the Second Life concept, where you can go into the virtual world, interact with others, participate in activities, and create ‘a life'”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Blog Karma

  29 March 2007

Caribbean Public Relations links to Rohit Bhargava for some tips on good blog karma: “They’re really common sense approaches to being courteous and open online, and expanding your network.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Westwood Copyright

  28 March 2007

Christopher at Subway Chronicles has just bought the Season 1 DVD of the Trinidad and Tobago soap opera Westwood Park – and he's already impressed just by the copyright warning message…

Jamaica: Leonie Forbes for Award of Excellence

  26 March 2007

“Ms. Forbes has been an inspiration to actors and artists all over the world… especially black actresses and people of Caribbean decent.” Caribbean Beat Blog is thrilled that West Indian actor Leonie Forbes will be honoured with an Award of Excellence at this year's ReelWorld Film Festival in Toronto.

Trinidad & Tobago: Cook Book Review

  22 March 2007

Can Cook, Must Cook reviews “The Soul Of A New Cuisine” by Ethiopian-born chef Marcus Samuelsson and is impressed by his “fantastic tribute to a continent that has inspired so many cooking styles especially in Caribbean and Latin American food.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Lara on his Team Mates

  21 March 2007

Ever wondered who's the biggest moaner on the West Indies cricket team? Who has the best dress sense? Or who takes longest in the shower? Captain Brian Lara spills the beans – and the West Indies Cricket Blog has the video clip to prove it.

Trinidad & Tobago: Panday's Conviction Squashed

  21 March 2007

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog reports that the court conviction of former T&T Prime Minister Basdeo Panday, who was found guilty of not declaring a million-dollar London bank account to the Integrity Commission, has been squashed.

Trinidad & Tobago: Farewell, Lloyd Best

  19 March 2007

Nicholas Laughlin pays tribute to Caribbean intellectual Lloyd Best, who passed away on March 19: “We will desperately miss–because we desperately need, now more than ever–his hard-won but lightly worn knowledge, his insight, his optimism, his humour, his integrity. No one has understood the Caribbean better, and few have lived...

Cricket World Cup 2007 through the eyes of the bloggers

  13 March 2007

The 9th World Cup cricket started with a colorful opening ceremony in the Carribean islands. The tournament is scheduled for 51 matches in a span of one and a half months. The itinerary can be found here, the tickets here, and here is the official website. (via Cric Blog) The...

Trinidad & Tobago: New Shakespeare play?

  12 March 2007

“How this previously unknown Shakespeare play came to be in the West Indian Reference Library in Port of Spain I don't know,” writes blogger Jeremy Taylor, as he runs an excerpt from the aforementioned work, which describes events bearing “an uncanny resemblance to events in Trinidad and Tobago this last...

Trinidad & Tobago: Cricket World Cup ticket woes

  7 March 2007

Caribbean Free Radio goes to collect tickets for the Cricket World Cup, and is given number C92: “The saleswoman who handed out the first batch of number-papers did so with the speed and furtiveness of a drug pusher distributing gram-bags on a street corner. . . .“

UK, Trinidad & Tobago: Half-caste

  6 March 2007

London-based Trinidadian blogger Sinistra posts part three in her “Young and black in Babylondon” series. In this installment, she's asked whether she's “half-caste”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Shoot the moon

  6 March 2007

Nicholas Laughlin didn't manage to watch this weekend's eclipse from a mountaintop, but he invites anybody who watched it from “a strange or interesting location” to leave comments and share links to their photos at the Caribbean Beat blog.

Trinidad & Tobago: Globalisation – what me, worry?

  1 March 2007

The hoops he's being made to jump through by the two large multinational banks where he's trying to open accounts, reminds Trinidadian blogger Seldo (who recently relocated to San Francisco from London) why he doesn't worry too much about globalisation: “Humanity is a lot more resistant to homogenization than we...

Trinidad & Tobago: An Orisha wake

  1 March 2007

Attillah Springer attends the wake of Baba Sam, priest of the Orisas: “Baba Sam would have wanted music and laughter, and Mother V confirms that that is the case, that he warned her before he went his way, that he didn't want any crying and getting on. He wanted people...