· February, 2007

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from February, 2007

Trinidad & Tobago: Writing and un-writing

  27 February 2007

Stefan Falke posts some atmospheric photos of a homeless gentleman in Trinidad who has been keeping a journal for 21 years, along with a lovely text: “His older journals got lost or stolen, he does not care too much because they are written and can’t be unwritten. . . ....

Trinidad & Tobago: Thank a policeman

  26 February 2007

In appreciation of the Trinidad and Tobago police force's service over the Carnival season, Keith Francis wishes to designate this week “Thank a Policeman Week”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Moko jumbies

  22 February 2007

Stefan Falke posts some spectacular photos of the moko jumbies–or stilt-walkers–of the Dragon Keylemanjahro School of Arts & Culture's presentation for this year's Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad & Tobago: Goat Racing

  12 February 2007

“Goats are traditionally kept for their milk and meat and renowned for their cussedness and indiscriminate palate, but not in the tiny Tobago village of Buccoo,” writes Robert Frische, in his report on goat racing in Tobago.

Trinidad & Tobago: New music download site

  10 February 2007

“You like the hot new soca music you hear on the radio but where can you purchase it before Carnival?” asks the Caribbean Beat blog. The answer is “downtown” — or used to be, before the soca music download site Trinihits.com came on the scene.

Trinidad & Tobago: Panorama 2007

  6 February 2007

Caroline.neisha at the Caribbean Beat blog paints a picture in Trinidadian English of the semi-finals of the Panorama steel orchestra competition, which took place this past weekend under dramatically altered circumstances.

Trinidad & Tobago: Hosay

  3 February 2007

Q the Creator at Snaphappy posts photos of the Hosay (Ashura) observances in Trinidad, which is celebrated by the Shi'ite Muslim communities in the districts of St. James and Cedros.

Trinidad & Tobago: Hang them? Then what?

  2 February 2007

Jeremy Taylor gets to the bottom of the idea being voiced by many in Trinidad and Tobago that capital punishment is a solution to the country's ills — and explains why it's not.

Trinidad & Tobago: The Bible, à la carte

  1 February 2007

A 2007 calypso citing the book of Leviticus in support of its anti-gay message inspires Trinidad blogger Jessica to comment, with considerable light-heartedness, on both freedom of speech issues and the selective use of the Bible to bolster certain viewpoints.