· June, 2006

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from June, 2006

Trinidad & Tobago: Weathering unpreparedness

  29 June 2006

Jeremy Taylor writes about the confusion that ensued in Trinidad on Wednesday over reports that a tropical wave was crossing the country. “Hardly anyone is prepared for serious wind or water,” he notes. “The media put out reams of wrong information. The ramshackle infrastructure of poles and wires and rusty...

Trinidad & Tobago: Anti-smelter lobby gets interesting offer

  28 June 2006

Attillah Springer at the Rights Action Group T&T blog discusses the interesting offer of pro bono legal assistance made by former Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj to the community of Chatham/Cap de Ville and environs. Members of the community have organised a loby against the building of an aluminum smelter...

Trinidad & Tobago: Rewarding the Warriors

  26 June 2006

Jeremy Taylor at the Caribbean Beat Blog outlines the rewards heaped this past weekend upon the Soca Warriors, Trinidad & Tobago's football team, on their return from the World Cup. “Just imagine what they would have got if they'd won a match or scored a goal,” he says.

Trinidad & Tobago: 48 hours after

  22 June 2006

“There's a sense of unfinished business around Trinidad and Tobago today,” says Jeremy Taylor, summing up the atmosphere in the country 48 hours after the Trinidad & Tobago team failed to qualify for the second round of the World Cup.

Trinidad & Tobago: Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

  20 June 2006

“So God is a Paraguayan, it seems,” writes Jeremy Taylor in response to Paraguay's 1-0 win over Trinidad & Tobago this evening at the World Cup, and answering a question he raised in an earlier post where he described the scenes in Trinidad: “Even the banks are closing early so...

Trinidad & Tobago: Labour Day

  20 June 2006

Attillah Springer checks out the Labour Day festivities in Trinidad on June 20, and observes that “the labour leaders seem stuck in a 1930's groove, they speak with a microwaved eloquence about reigniting the spirt of Butler but I wonder if they really know what that means. Is that simply...

Trinidad & Tobago: Rules for the dreadlocked

  20 June 2006

Dreadlocked Trinidadian blogger CunningLinguist draws up a series of guidelines to assist others who follow, or who are considering, the dreadlocked lifestyle. Two examples: “you are expected to be a definitive source on bob marley” and “expect delays at airports”.

Caribbean: Boycott Pirates of the Caribbean

  19 June 2006

Indigenous issues blog The CAC Review calls for a boycott of the Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, in a post which also recounts some of the controversy surrounding the filming of parts of the movie on location in Dominica. The post also includes a link to...

Caribbean: BLP role in CSME

  19 June 2006

The Barbados Labour Party blog gives its political leader — and Prime Minister of Barbados — Owen Arthur a pat on the back for the role he has played in the development of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME).

Haiti: Telecom Wars

  18 June 2006

Digicel billboard, Martinique. By blogger Greg at InternetRapide.com. Jamaica-based Caribbean telecom giant Digicel has a presence in over a dozen countries in the region. Digicel officially launched operations on the Haitian market in May to much resistance from local private telecoms Haitel and Comcel but bloggers and other web commentators...

Trinidad & Tobago: Coming home

  16 June 2006

Club Soda and Salt responds to fellow Trinidadian blogger Seldo's post about returning home: “I’d like to raise a family there. I’d like to not have to deal with snow. The problem is, I’m not seeing that as an option, at least for a while. Maybe things will change.” He's...

Trinidad & Tobago: Please stand. . .

  13 June 2006

Echoing the request traditionally given before the national anthem is played, Elspeth Duncan gives the latest video entry on her blog the title “Please Stand. . . . for something”. The video compiles footage from “various protests taking place in Trinidad between late 2005 and early 2006. It represents the...

Latest in French-Speaking Blogs of the Caribbean and Oceania

  12 June 2006

NEW CALEDONIA Annoella near Gadji, New Caledonia. By Sebastien Merion. A few months ago, we learned that Sebastien and Annoella of 5 minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie got married in Mauritius. Now watch a video of the newlyweds hiking up a hill overlooking the lovely beaches of Gadji. The post provides...

The Global Voices Show #2

Episode #2 of the Global Voices Show has landed! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: XiaoQiao (Singapore) Africa Files: The Pulse (Canada/South Africa) BahasaPod (Indonesia) Kazakhstan Stories (Kazakhstan) Free Talk with Oon Yeoh (Malaysia) JameedKast (Jordan) The Kamla Bhatt Show (India) Radio Open Source (USA/Serbia &...

Trinidad and Tobago: Budget increase

  9 June 2006

Club Soda and Salt condemns the Trinidad and Tobago government's decision to increase the year's spending by TT$4 billion, including “$650 million … for continuing gasoline subsidies. These are meant to protect the Trinidadian public from the rising price of oil. This is incredibly poor policy”.

Trinidad and Tobago: World Cup fever

  9 June 2006

“Up at the airport, the roundabout is festooned with flags and twenty-foot mascots playing steel pans and guitars. I followed a taxi into the car park, and it had I IS A WARRIOR TOO splashed across the entire back window. We are all instructed to wear red for the foreseeable...

Caribbean: Hurricane unpreparedness?

  9 June 2006

As hurricane season begins, Taran Rampersad worries that “the Caribbean in general can't handle a Category 3 hurricane. All everyone is discussing at this point is how fast one can recover”.