· February, 2006

Stories about Trinidad & Tobago from February, 2006

Trinidad & Tobago: Carnival necessities & reenactments

  24 February 2006

Got your snake oil? Just in time for the official start of Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival on February 27, Attillah Springer makes a list of Carnival necessities. She also posts photos of old-time Carnival and the reenactment of the Canboulay Riots of the 1880s.

Caribbean: World Cup 2007 security

  24 February 2006

Barbados Free Press has it from “a confidential source” that “British and South African intelligence agencies and counter-terror units are to play major planning and operational roles in providing security for the 2007 Cricket World Cup” (which is being hosted by several Caribbean territories). The same source says, however, that...

The web make to blog on Carnival day…

  24 February 2006

… to paraphrase the late Lord Kitchener, calypsonian extraordinaire. It's Carnival Friday here in Trinidad and Tobago, which means that after weeks of mounting anticipation (the Carnival season really gets started as soon as Christmastime festivities are over), the biggest event in the country's calendar is underway. This weekend will...

Caribbean: Cricket shrink

  22 February 2006

Ri imagines a conversation between the West Indies cricket team's captain, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, and the team's new Irish shrink.

Caribbean: Hurricane season

  21 February 2006

“My Caribbean and Florida bloggers, do you realise we are less than 16 weeks away from hurricane season”? asks Cayman Islands-based blogger Ri.

Caribbean: Food stories

  20 February 2006

Iriepeople.com publishes a recipe for Escovitch Fish, while Can Cook Must, Cook hunts for a good roti in London and reviews a new Caribbean cookbook.

Trinidad & Tobago: Here comes the Son

  20 February 2006

Attillah Springer and Nicholas Laughlin are stage-side as the Peter Minshall-designed Carnival king, “Son of Saga Boy”, makes his second public appearance. caribbeanfreephoto has a Flickr photoset.

Trinidad & Tobago: The best bad man

19 February 2006

Sweet Trini pays loving tribute to her grandfather Basil, “a bad man who we all agree was one of the best people we knew.”

Trindad & Tobago: Port of Spain fire

  16 February 2006

Both Attillah Springer and Francomenz report on the fire which took place yesterday in the downtown area of Port of Spain, which Francomenz reminds us is “the capital’s second major blaze in less than a year.” “How can there be two fires on the same street in less than six...

Trinidad & Tobago: The sprinting senator

  15 February 2006

Steupz, Nicholas Laughlin and Caribbean Free Radio all note the appointment of former Olympic sprinter Ato Boldon as an opposition senator yesterday, but ironically, Steupz — whose handle signifies the sucking of one's teeth in derision or disgust — is the only one without his tongue in his cheek.

Jamaica, Trinidad: Curry goat & oxtail

  14 February 2006

“What’s a Sunday dinner without a some Rice & Bean and Curry Goat?” asks Iriepeople.com in its brief rhapsody on the Jamaican dish, which includes a recipe. And on Saturdays in Trinidad Can Cook, Must Cook says “you'll find a lot of people making soup, usually fish broth or oxtail...

Caribbean: Racism in cricket?

  14 February 2006

Trinidadian journalist Vaneisa Baksh joins the debate on racism in cricket going on at the Cricinfo – Wicket to Wicket blog with a susbstantial article which concludes that, while racism certainly exists in the Caribbean, it rarely manifests itself these days in the context of West Indies cricket.

Cayman, Jamaica, T&T: Carnival visitors

  13 February 2006

Mad Bull is keeping a close eye on the Trinidad Carnival activities from Grand Cayman. Grenada-based Jamaican Yamfoot is going one better and actually traveling to Trinidad to partake in the festivities.

Caribbean: Cricket notes

  13 February 2006

The West Indies Cricket Blog links to an article which looks back at the history of West Indies tours to New Zealand, “including the infamous 1980 series when the umpires made more news than the players”; and to another reporting that cricket great Desmond Haynes is calling for a Caribbean...