· October, 2010

Stories about St. Vincent & the Grenadines from October, 2010

Caribbean: Hurricane Tomas

  31 October 2010

Trinidad and Tobago, the twin island republic that seemed to be directly in Tomas‘ path on Friday, was spared its effects, but as the storm veered north, islands that had previously been out of its path were suddenly thrust into storm warning mode. Tomas is now situated south-southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico; the hope remains that the Category 2 storm, which is expected to gather more strength, will steer clear of Haiti.

Chile: Unfolding Miracle

  13 October 2010

“it is such a joy to be following a story that is filled with the triumph of the human spirit”: Abeni is rejoicing over the rescue of the Chilean miners.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Failing the Children

  7 October 2010

A young boy recently committed suicide while a teenaged girl tried and failed, leaving Abeni to comment: “Too often, children battle abandonment, sexual molestations, emotional and physical abuse in a period of their development that should be carefree…those who are supposed to be their caregivers have become their abusers leaving...