· December, 2006

Stories about St. Vincent & the Grenadines from December, 2006

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Nine Mornings Festival

  21 December 2006

“The choir was far from melodious but I couldn't believe I was hearing right.” Being serenaded with Christmas carols encourages Abeni “to shake off the gloomy feeling” and be part of the Nine Mornings Festival – a unique Vincentian tradition.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Stacy Wilson

  18 December 2006

In the wake of 21-year-old Stacy Wilson's gruesome murder, Abeni is both angered and saddened: “We are a nation reeling in horror with too many of us having seen the unimaginable. It just cannot be business as usual with our collective psyche so badly damaged. We need to unite, share...

Trinidad & Tobago: CARIBwhale

  15 December 2006

There's a new association dedicated to conserving cetaceans and their habitat, while promoting responsible whale and dolphin watching in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Beat blog reports that the effort will “enhance education, training and research…help standardize the collection of data on marine life as well as the social and economic...

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Compton wins St. Lucia Election

  14 December 2006

As John Compton is elected Prime Minister of St. Lucia, coming out of retirement to a resounding win over the Kenny Anthony-led government, Abeni cautions: “Incumbent governments must beware of complacency. No matter how glitzy you make the campaign, the bottom line is if the populace feels its needs are...