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Stories about Caribbean from January, 2009

Barbados: Help Needed

  27 January 2009

“If you need an ambulance in Barbados…call a newspaper reporter!”: Barbados Free Press hates “the ‘island time’ third world standards and attitudes that keep us down.”

Bahamas: A Disgrace

  26 January 2009

Bahamian bloggers are incensed at the news that one of the island's senators was allegedly involved in the Travolta extortion plot.

Trinidad & Tobago: Water Taxis

  26 January 2009

“For about 100 people at a time, the service makes incredible impact on their quality of life. And if that's not enough of a reason to offer the service, then I don't know what is”: Keith in Trinidad thinks the new water taxis are “a welcome reprieve”.

Bermuda, U.S.A.: Ethics & Transparency

  23 January 2009

Vexed Bermoothes thinks that “it is telling that the first orders issued by President Obama…dealt with ethics and transparency in Government” and that “Bermudians must take note of our inadequacies in this area.”

Jamaica, Barbados, U.S.A.: Bonne Chance!

  23 January 2009

Jamaican diaspora blogger Pamela Mordecai holds high hopes for the Obama administration and wishes the new President well, while Notes From A Small Rock [Barbados] sums up her sentiment like this: “Now we wait. We wait to see if the words match the deeds. We all want so much of...

Trinidad & Tobago: The Fourth Summit of the Peoples

  22 January 2009

Trinidad and Tobago sees the launch of a new blog about “the upcoming fourth Summit of the Peoples, the alternative to the fifth installment of the Summit of the Americas conferences…where emerging…voices from the Caribbean—farmers and fisherfolk, anti-smelter and gender activists—can connect with themselves and others across the globe, and...

Haiti, U.S.A.: Retro Rhetoric?

  22 January 2009

The Haitian Blogger takes issue with some of the content of Barack Obama's inaugural speech, calling it “reminiscent of his predecessor”: “I wonder when the ‘West’ will accept some of the blame for the ill will that it has garnered for its actions in the global south and in the...

Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas: Start at Home

  22 January 2009

While Alien in the Caribbean [Trinidad & Tobago] encourages those with dysfunctional families to finally break free, Doing Theology from the Caribbean [Bahamas] suggests that peacemaking begins at home.

Barbados: Oil Rights

  22 January 2009

Keltruth Corp. is worried about the fact that Barbados has awarded its first offshore oil-exploration rights: “If there is a substantial oil discovery off Barbados, tremendous sums of money will change hands. Who will benefit? Unfortunately with no rules, all we can do is sit back, and blindly trust the...

Guadeloupe: Hard Times?

  21 January 2009

Guadeloupean bloggers Critiqart Guadeloupe [Fr], Gwakafika [Creole] and CaribCreoleOne [Fr] are all anticipating massive social turmoil.

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