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Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Drummer Muhtadi Thomas

  25 May 2007

Geoffrey Philp features Trinidad multi-media artist Elspeth Duncan as she talks about the experience of working on a Leda Serene documentary about Master drummer Muhtadi Thomas: “I asked him if he would open our filming session in the same way that he opens his drumming sessions, with his hands playing...

Guyana, Barbados: Press Freedom

  25 May 2007

Antilles, along with many regional newspapers, stands behind Stabroek News in condemning the Guyanese government's advertising boycott of the newspaper due to editorial content – while Barbados Free Press wonders why The Nation News could not have assumed a similar stance with local freedom of speech issues.

Belize: Supreme Court Rules Against Police

  25 May 2007

The Belize Supreme Court has ruled that the police cannot prevent citizens from protesting against the controversial Universal Health Services loan guarantee during today's House of Representatives meeting. Belizean quotes United Democratic Party leader Dean Barrow: “The will of the people obviously cannot be thwarted and the right to dissent...

Bahamas: Race Matters

  25 May 2007

“Race matters. And we need to talk about it in order to make it matter less.” Nicolette Bethel starts the discussion on race relations in the Bahamas.

Aruba: Tabloid Journalism

  25 May 2007

After a photo of a Minister of Parliament sunbathing nude is dubbed “Picture of the Year” by an Aruban daily, Arubagirl asks, “What good did it do? How does embarrassing this guy help the public at large? If his only crime is that he had no clothes on, I think...

Trinidad & Tobago: Soca Star Arrested

  24 May 2007

Trinidad and Tobago girls, politics, sports, technology, carnival and lifestyle reports on the arrest of soca singer Machel Montano following an incident that occurred outside Zen nightclub a few weeks ago.

Barbados: Rihanna and Tuk

  24 May 2007

As Gallimaufry celebrates fellow Barbadian Rihanna's accomplishment of being the first artiste ever to reach Number 1 on the UK singles charts solely on the basis of digital sales, she also takes a look at Tuk, a musical genre indigenous to Barbados.

Bahamas: Saving Nassau

  24 May 2007

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit has a few ideas about how to go about improving downtown Nassau and quotes Pat Rahming to emphasize the point: “…The need for thought about both the function and meaning of the downtown can't be overemphasized. That is where the legacy of the nation is...

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Mostar

Wu Wei visits Mostar (among other things, the unofficial capital of Herzegovina) and learns what Bosnia & Herzegovina has in common with Trinidad & Tobago: “At our meeting in Mostar, we were gently chided for talking about Bosnia. ‘Here in Herzegovina, we feel like Tobago must feel, when everyone talks...

Barbados: Conversations about Culture

  23 May 2007

“…In countries that have no culture or are afraid they may have no culture, there is a Minister of Culture.” Jamaica Kincaid's essay on Antigua hits home for Barbadian blogger Gallimaufry.

Barbados: Integrity Standards

  23 May 2007

“Our political system has NO RULES about accountability, transparency, integrity & conflict of interest standards or laws that allow citizens to access government information. In such a free-for-all system it would take a saint to not become corrupted.” Barbados Free Press cites the reasons why they think one political party...

Anguilla: Homosexuality and Constitutional Reform

  23 May 2007

“We cannot allow ourselves to get side tracked when it comes to our Constitution. We have to be ready with our arguments when the British team arrives in Anguilla in July”: As one of Britain's last remaining colonies readies itself for constitutional reform, Corruption-free Anguilla examines the current legislation regarding...

US Virgin Islands: Sahara Dust

  23 May 2007

“Dust from the Sahara (yes, truly!) is being blown across the ocean and reducing visibility. It’s also increasing medical problems for people with allergies and asthma”: U.S. Virgin Island blogger Frank Barnako hopes the worst is over.

Trinidad & Tobago: Political Scandals

  22 May 2007

“Trinidad and Tobago has to be the most exciting place on earth without a war”: Trinidad and Tobago girls, politics, sports, technology, carnival and lifestyle examines recent political scandals, adding that the whole sordid affair “reads like an episode of ‘Allo Allo'”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Environmental Policy

  22 May 2007

According to the Chairman of Trinidad and Tobago's Environmental Management Authority, Cedros, a village on the island's southwesterly coast, is sinking. Club Soda and Salt thinks “it’s likely to take more than this for the government to formulate a real environmental policy.”

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