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Stories about Caribbean from March, 2007

Belize: Flush and Be Happy

  26 March 2007

“I always feel relieved in more ways than one when, after long travels, I once again visit a public toilet in Belize.” Simone Angel thinks all the bells and whistles of “top of the range” toilets are a symbol of progress gone mad: “Progress is not always about going faster...

Barbados: Tourism Growth or Inflation?

  26 March 2007

Barbados Free Press wonders if Barbados’ tourism industry has actually grown or whether “visitors are spending more, simply because virtually everything is costing more, so there has not been any real growth at all.”

Bahamas: Amazing Grace

  26 March 2007

In light of this year's Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Nicolette Bethel reprints a letter she has written to Caribbean film distributors questioning the limited release of the film Amazing Grace: “Given that the Abolition Act championed by William Wilberforce and his Abolitionists...

Aruba: Chollers

  26 March 2007

Drug addicts, known in Aruba as “chollers”, are wreaking havoc in Oranjestad. Arubagirl recounts the most recent incident and wonders “who the real threat to society here is: the choller who slashed tires because he was denied something or the businessman waving a gun because he thought that the man...

Anguilla: Education

  26 March 2007

Corruption-Free Anguilla features a guest post that expresses concern about the island's failing education system and the resulting consequences.

Cayman Islands: Plight of the Disabled

  23 March 2007

Mighty Afroditee shares her thoughts on the plight of the disabled: “My environment needs further education and enlightenment…if buildings and sidewalks are not properly outfitted for handicap access…then we are taking away the ability of those with special needs to be independent.”

Guyana: Match Fixing & Woolmer's Death?

  23 March 2007

On the heels of the Jamaican police confirming that Pakistan's cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, was strangled to death, Guyana Providence Stadium refers to a report by Paul Newman and Mike Dickson speculating that the murder had to do with match-fixing.

Jamaica: Sara Lawrence Replacement?

  23 March 2007

Sara Lawrence, the medical student who won the coveted Miss Jamaica title and placed sixth for her country at the Miss World pageant last year, has relinquished her crown. YardFlex.com reports that it is the first time in the Jamaican contest's 23-year history that a winner was dethroned because she...

Trinidad & Tobago: Cook Book Review

  22 March 2007

Can Cook, Must Cook reviews “The Soul Of A New Cuisine” by Ethiopian-born chef Marcus Samuelsson and is impressed by his “fantastic tribute to a continent that has inspired so many cooking styles especially in Caribbean and Latin American food.”

Haiti: HOPE Act Implemented

  22 March 2007

Haiti Innovation applauds the implementation of preferential trade status for Haiti via the HOPE Act: “…this is a first step. There is still much to do in Haiti…but let this minor triumph in Haiti’s economic stabilization be a reminder to us all that with hard work, perseverance, and faith, much...

Cayman Islands: Bob Woolmer

  22 March 2007

Mad Bull refers to a story in the Jamaica Gleaner citing new evidence that Pakistan's cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, may not have died of natural causes.

Trinidad & Tobago: Lara on his Team Mates

  21 March 2007

Ever wondered who's the biggest moaner on the West Indies cricket team? Who has the best dress sense? Or who takes longest in the shower? Captain Brian Lara spills the beans – and the West Indies Cricket Blog has the video clip to prove it.

Cayman Islands: The Functional Family

  20 March 2007

“So, my old fart of a father, pushing seventy if there ever is a day, is getting hitched to a young hussy who is more than twenty years his junior.” Mighty Afroditee posts an entertaining piece on the ever-changing family dynamic.

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