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Stories about Caribbean from December, 2005

Jamaica: Remembering Steve Harvey

  14 December 2005

Andrés Duque argues that The Jamaican Observer made the wrong editorial when claiming that murders of homosexuals in Jamaica are indicative of a larger crime problem rather than a homophobia problem. Duque also offers form letters which can be sent to the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations and Prime...

Bahamas: On the Attractiveness of Exile

  12 December 2005

Nicolette Bethel, considering the prospect of life abroad herself, makes the provocative argument that the Bahamas’ lack of cultural export is rooted in its artists’ tendency – unlike other Caribbean islanders – to stay put rather than live in exile.

The week in the Caribbean blogosphere

  10 December 2005

I'm starting to write this on Wednesday 7 December, as tomorrow I leave for London to attend the Global Voices '05 Summit, so apologies in advance for not including anything posted in the latter part of this week. A couple of days ago I posted the meeting agenda at Caribbean...

Trinidad and Tobago: Concepts of Race

  6 December 2005

Karen Walrond posts the email of a reader who attacks her multi-ethnic identity. The post inspires a small mountain of comments offering their support and analysis of race perceptions in Trinidad and Tobago compared to the United States.

Cuba, Caribbean: Tourism and Imperialism

  2 December 2005

wayne&wax takes aim at a recent article in the New York Times about Cuba's burgeoning tourist industry in which Ian Schrager describes Jamaica and the Dominican Republic as “atolls” compared to Cuba's “distinct personality.”

The talk in the Caribbean blogosphere

  2 December 2005

I'm writing this post on December 1st, which is also World AIDS Day. There were 24,000 AIDS-related deaths in the Caribbean this year, and as Abeni of St. Vincent & the Grenadines pointed out, “in the Caribbean the infection rates are second only to Sub Saharan Africa.” Here are a...

Trinidad and Tobago: 3canal

  1 December 2005

Caribbean Free Radio debuts the first 2006 single by musical group 3canal in podcast episode 37 while Sweet Trini reviews the 3canal album, “Jab, Jab, Say …”

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