· June, 2010

Stories about Jamaica from June, 2010

Jamaica: Hard Policing

“Last week many poor people were shot, and while no doubt some were criminals, there is also no doubt that some were innocent”: My View of JamDown from UpSo suggests that “maybe it's time to admit that so-called hard policing is only an easy, cowardly, way out of complex problems...

Jamaica: Searching High & Low

  3 June 2010

As the Mayor of Kingston's home is searched in an attempt to find ‘Dudus'; YardFlex.com says: “Come on now, even the Prime Minister’s residence should be subjected to a thorough search by the police”, while Girl With a Purpose provides recent updates on the state of emergency.

Jamaica: On the Run

“Life has more or less returned to normal on the rock except for those who lost family members in the clash and for those who remain on the run”: Annie Paul says that “the tragedy is that the parts of the city where gangsters unleashed violence are the same areas...

Jamaica: Rock the Calabash

  2 June 2010

“Calabash 2010 rocked, it really did”: Annie Paul thinks that “this literary festival provides a neat model for similar ventures that could showcase the best that Jamaica has to offer.”

Jamaica: Ripple Effect

  1 June 2010

Islandista says that “the ‘terror in Tivoli’ has inflicted wounds not just on the hundreds injured and scores killed, but on Jamaica’s economy and Kingston’s vibrant entertainment scene.”

Jamaica: Art & Violence

  1 June 2010

“Jamaica's widening gap between rich and poor and our historical reliance on an underground economy related to drugs has created tensions and led to violence of which artists are all too aware”: Petrine Archer notes that several local artists “are engaging with these issues and the social dislocation that has...

Jamaica: Crunching the Numbers

  1 June 2010

“Most people I’ve talked to seem to think that the ends justify the means: that if getting the bad guys means detaining some of the good guys as well, then it’s worth depriving some people of their basic human right to be free”: Jamaican blogger Chez Hsia remains unconvinced.