· May, 2009

Stories about Jamaica from May, 2009

Jamaica: A Sensible Tax

  8 May 2009

Jamaica's Yardflex.com is overjoyed that “smokers and drinkers will now have to shoulder the bulk of the taxation measures intended to plug the hole in the government's budget.”

Jamaica: IMF

  7 May 2009

“Prime Minister Golding is putting his loving hand out to the International Monetary Fund for a loan to help Jamaica’s struggling economy,” writes Jamaica Salt, adding: “The last time Jamaica got help from the IMF was not a great thing.” Abeng News Magazine also weighs in, here and here.

Jamaica: Stereotyping

  6 May 2009

“Every Jamaican man lives in fear of a lie. It’s a lie that continues to wreak havoc on both sides of the racial and gender divide and is a frequent topic of pornography: the Black, male stud”: Jamaican diaspora blogger Geoffrey Philp examines the effects of the stereotype.

Jamaica: Have a Laugh!

  4 May 2009

Jamaica's Life, Unscripted, on the Rock thinks that World Laughter Day is a “positive concept”, while Montego Bay Day By Day posts two photos which prove that “laughter really is the best medicine.”

Caribbean: Swine Flu Speculations

  1 May 2009

Regional bloggers on the Swine Flu outbreak: Repeating Islands speculates about possible Caribbean cases of the disease, while Jamaica's Girl With a Purpose and T&T's This Beach Called Life put a humourous spin on the situation.