· August, 2006

Stories about Jamaica from August, 2006

Jamaica: Reggae aesthetics

  4 August 2006

Jamaican writer Geoffrey Philp traces his evolution from reader of Joyce to embracer of reggae aesthetics: “For the reggae influenced writer, Rastafari legitimized the experiences of Black people in the Americas and became the means to overstanding power and the privileging of one text or dialect over another. Drawing on...

Jamaica: Unequal treatment

  3 August 2006

Gela watches two reports on Jamaican television about incidents involving members of the so-called underclass, and notes that in neither case was there any mention of the situation being investigated by the police: “I can't stand the disparity in how people are treated man“.

Jamaica: On fundamentalism

  2 August 2006

“A false doctrine trying to pass itself off as an older vision insults my intelligence and the bloodshed these religions leave in their wake convinces me that there is no God in them,” writes Jamaican novelist Marlon James, weighing in on the subject of fundamentalism

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Emancipation Day

  1 August 2006

Today several islands in the Caribbean observe Emancipation Day. Gela's Words notes that for Jamaicans, it's a time “we get back in touch with our culture and Ole Time Jamaica”. From Trinidad, both Caribbean Free Radio and Attillah Springer mention last night's concert at the Emancipation Village, headlined by South...