· January, 2006

Stories about Jamaica from January, 2006

Caribbean: Plays, pantomimes, identity

  13 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog solicits opinions on a newspaper review of this year's Jamaica pantomime, encourages Caribbean bloggers to engage in a “round of collective soul-searching” and publishes “outtakes” from an article in the current issue of the magazine.

Jamaica: Tsunami warning center

13 January 2006

Leon is skeptical of the tsunami warning center to be built in Manchester, Jamaica. The center will serve the Caribbean and US and is being funded by the US government.

Caribbean: Art, film & the Seven Caribbean Wonders

  12 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog links to to a conversation between the director of Jamaica's National Gallery and the guest curator of a current exhibition; an article about a Hollywood film made on location in Grand Cayman by a young Caymanian director; and solicits input for a list of the “Seven...

Caribbean: Best to quote Best

  12 January 2006

Nicholas Laughlin finds he could have saved himself the work of writing his long post about “Caribbeanness” simply by quoting renowned Caribbean thinker Lloyd Best.

Jamaica: Rocksteady

12 January 2006

Jamaica View links to a Daily Telegraph article on rocksteady pioneer Alton Ellis.

Caribbean: Wayback when

  11 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog has some fun with the Wayback Machine, linking to early – and in a few cases embarrassing – incarnations of a few Caribbean web sites.

Jamaica: The size police

11 January 2006

The latest addition to the Jamaica Photo Project photoblog is an image of a craft stand in Fern Gully featuring a sculpture of an impossibly well-endowed rastafarian. “The owner of the artwork has been selling these for ages now and recently was in some hot water with the police,” says...

Caribbean: What does the word before the colon mean?

  10 January 2006

“What does “Caribbean” mean? What a vast weight of confusion & possibility & debate those four little syllables have to bear,” says Nicholas Laughlin in a thoughtful post inspired by a long-gone writing deadline, by the debates around the restructuring of the Global Voices “Americas” region, and by Taran Rampersad's...

Jamaica: Eat jerk and die

8 January 2006

Caribbean Free Radio links to several news stories reporting that Jamaican jerk pork and chicken have been included on a list of “50 things to eat before you die” compiled by chef Ainsley Harriot for a BBC television special. Also making the grade were kangaroo, Moretown bay bugs, reindeer and...

Jamaica: One love or two love?

7 January 2006

Nicholas Laughlin links to an article in the Jamaica Observer about a three-day cabinet meeting held at the Couples Sans Souci Resort and Spa. “It's good to know the key members of the J'can government are spending quality time together,” remarks the cheeky Trinidadian, “–at a ‘luxury all-inclusive, boutique-style, couples-only...

Jamaica: Maroon festival

6 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog notes that the Accompong Maroon Festival is being celebrated today in Jamaica. The maroons are “the descendants of slaves who were freed by the Spanish and fled to Jamaica's untouched South Coast in the pursuit of freedom, and who live there to this day.”

Caribbean: CARICOM and ICT

  5 January 2006

Jacqueline Morris links to a Jamaica Observer article about moves being made by the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) toward greater implementation of ICT in the region. She's especially pleased that CARICOM's plan seems to acknowledge “the efforts of the civil society in the region and expresse[s] support for...

Jamaica: Crime and double standards

4 January 2006

Discussing crime in Jamaica — which had some 1,700 murders in 2005 — LandFall identifies the tendency to “compartmentalize behaviour” as one of the main culprits, and points out a number of common double standards, including relaxed attitudes towards rape and incest and the condoning of violence against gays.