· November, 2012

Stories about Jamaica from November, 2012

Jamaica: In Search of Reliable Partners

  29 November 2012

I sometimes pessimistically think of women working with men on gender equality as a high risk endeavor, akin to walking on the verge of a precipice or a high tension wire. Roots and Rights explores the complex issues surrounding male advocacy for gender equality.

Jamaicans Debate Gay-Bashing Incident

  6 November 2012

The beating of a gay student at the University of Technology in Jamaica has continued to be a subject of discussion online. While the exact details of the incident are still not completely known, much of the discussion has centered around homophobia and the culture of violence in Jamaica.

Student Beating Raises Issue of Homophobia in Jamaica

  4 November 2012

A gay student at Jamaica's University of Technology (UTech) was allegedly caught in a "compromising position" and suffered a beating at the hands of campus security guards. The incident was captured on video and immediately went viral, raising the question of homophobia and gay rights in Jamaica.

Jamaica: Creole and Jamaican Identity

  1 November 2012

Our educators don’t seem to understand that as long as we tell children that they ‘chat bad’ when they use their mother tongue, we are planting the seeds of low self-esteem.  And we will reap badness.  Or, perhaps, we do understand and that’s why we refuse to acknowledge Jamaican as...