· October, 2011

Stories about Jamaica from October, 2011

Jamaica: I Think, Therefore I Am

  21 October 2011

Long Bench responds to a newspaper editorial suggesting that the “silent middle class must assert itself”, saying: “The term ‘well-thinking Jamaicans'…smacks of an elitism that is based in the editors’ sense of the moral superiority of some groups over others. Is ‘thinking’ supposed to allude to education level and capacity...

Jamaica: New Prime Minister

  19 October 2011

Jamaican bloggers talk about the swearing-in of the country's new Prime Minister, which is scheduled to take place this Sunday.

Jamaica: Cricket & Writing

  17 October 2011

The game of cricket taught diaspora litblogger Geoffrey Philp how to stay his wicket – in writing and in life.

Jamaica: New Prime Minister Designate

  13 October 2011

As Jamaica prepares to swear in a new Prime Minister, Girl With a Purpose says: “It is expected that the government of Jamaica will call an early election this year. This is so that they can capitalize on the upsurge in popularity of the JLP since electing a new leader-designate...

Jamaica, U.S.A.: #OccupyTogether Going Global

  11 October 2011

Diaspora blogger Labrish Jamaica says of the global spread of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon: “BRILLIANT! May this be the beginning of the end of the immoral, rapacious greed and criminality that has overrun democracy in favor of the 1% plutocratic overlords…”

Jamaica: Hiding “Behind Blackness”

  10 October 2011

Under the Saltire Flag shares an interesting perspective on the recent riots in London: “I have no problem accepting that in many areas Britain is blindly racist and must be called out on it. It can be frustraiting to realize that in many instances Jamaica is just as blindly racist...

Jamaica: A Proud Black History

  5 October 2011

It's Black History Month in the UK and Kei Miller turns on its head “those tired statements of black pride – how, for instance, we are the sons and daughters of kings and queens”, saying: “It seems so banal…it betrays such a lack of imagination. Me… I’d rather imagine other...

Jamaica: On Golding's Resignation

  4 October 2011

Jamaica Woman Tongue weighs in on the possible reason's behind the Prime Minister's resignation, while Girl With a Purpose is concerned that while Golding “has set the stage for Jamaica to undergo transformational leadership…it is doubtful that this can truly happen with our present crop of politicians and those who...