· September, 2010

Stories about Jamaica from September, 2010

Jamaica: Tropical Storm Nicole

  30 September 2010

“Well, the trials and tribulations of Buju Banton have abruptly been ejected from the Jamaican imagination by a raging storm which brazenly breezed its way across the island when no one was looking”: Tropical Storm Nicole takes Active Voice by surprise.

Jamaica: Back to Court for Banton

  28 September 2010

Jamaican bloggers - nay, regional bloggers - have been following dancehall music icon Buju Banton's drug possession court case with great interest. Yesterday, news broke that the jury was evenly divided on what his fate should be. The judge has since declared a mistrial, which means that the singer will head back to court later this year.

Jamaica: Banton Preps For Trial

  17 September 2010

YardFlex.com is following the Buju Banton drug possession case which goes to trial in the U.S. on Monday. In light of news that two co-defendants have turned state witnesses, the blog says: “The next couple of days will be crucial as Buju and his lawyers hunker down and prepare to...

Jamaica: Palisadoes’ Defeat

  16 September 2010

Snail Writer blogs about the “environmental defeat” of the Palisadoes spit, “that jointed arm that holds Kingston Harbour in loose embrace”; Labrish echoes her “lamentations for Jamaica’s special places of natural beauty and the alarm at the lack of environmental consideration given to these places that are the heritage of...

Jamaica: Understanding Gangs

  15 September 2010

Jamaica Salt says “there are many things that drive men (and women) to take up the gun in Jamaica”, adding: “Condemning them without understanding the reasons behind their decision would be a big mistake, because therein lies the solution.”

Jamaica: Dudus’ Date

  9 September 2010

YardFlex.com and Girl with A Purpose report on alleged drug don Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke's next scheduled Manhattan court date.

Jamaica: Policy for Parents

  8 September 2010

“School has reopened so it’s high season for parent-bashing”: Long Bench republishes his response to the latest version of Jamaica's National Parenting Policy.

Jamaica, Barbados: Social Crisis

  7 September 2010

Grasshopper Eyes The Potomac thinks that the English-speaking Caribbean “is going through an immense social crisis” that centers around violent crime.

Jamaica: “Hostages in a Patty Shop”

  6 September 2010

Active Voice blogs about a “farcical scenario [that] played itself out in downtown Kingston” when armed men took over a patty shop – and the ensuing discussion on Twitter.