· August, 2010

Stories about Jamaica from August, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: The Effects of Hurricane Earl

  31 August 2010

Hurricane Earl made its way across the U.S. Virgin Islands yesterday as bloggers continued to share their thoughts and experiences. Jamaican diaspora blogger Labrish, who “[has] been fortunate to travel to these islands several times”, was concerned about her acquaintances there: My thoughts go out to everyone living on the...

Jamaica: Garvey's Home

  26 August 2010

Repeating Islands links to a report that suggests the Jamaican government is interested in purchasing the childhood home of Marcus Garvey “in hopes of restoring it and converting it into a memorial or museum.”

Jamaica: Policing Style

  24 August 2010

Jamaica Salt says the kill-or-be-killed approach to controlling crime is ineffective: “When things are tough it’s hard not to look at possible solutions like this. But this has been a style of policing in Jamaica for decades now and it is not working. The murder rates speak for themselves.”

Jamaica: Art About Dudus

  17 August 2010

“The Dudus Chronicles is a body of work I’ve had the opportunity to watch as it took root and developed in front of my eyes”: Annie Paul is excited about the exhibition's official opening, and republishes a series of Facebook comments in response to news of the upcoming show.

Jamaica: Refugee Status

  12 August 2010

The Caribbean Camera reports on the case of “a gay man from Jamaica [who] has been granted refugee status in Canada on the basis of discrimination against him.”

Jamaica: Police Gangs?

  11 August 2010

YardFlex.com reports that the police officer who was filmed via cell phone shooting an unarmed man is to be charged with murder; Active Voice comments: “In the United States many counties do not permit citizens to videotape police in public. I sincerely hope this will not be the recommendation of...

Jamaica: Independence Day

  6 August 2010

“Jamaica jumps to life with music and dancing as the island commemorates the anniversary of its independence, which took place in 1962″: Repeating Islands blogs about today's Independence Day festivities.

Jamaica: New Politics?

  6 August 2010

Girl With a Purpose reports on the formation of a new political party: “…its name?: New Nation Coalition. It's based on Christian principles and promotes justice, peace and prosperity amongst Jamaicans.”

Jamaica: Managing Dengue

  5 August 2010

YardFlex.com says that the government “is urging the public to co-operate with…health workers involved in vector control and other activities associated with the elimination of Dengue Fever.”

Caribbean: On Freedom

  2 August 2010

Yesterday, August 1, marked the 172nd commemoration of Emancipation Day in many English-speaking Caribbean territories, when African slaves were freed from their British colonists. Today is a public holiday in many countries throughout the region and a few bloggers are taking the opportunity to reflect on what the occasion means to these developing islands.