· February, 2010

Stories about Jamaica from February, 2010

Jamaica: Honouring Nettleford

  18 February 2010

Tallawah notes that “the University of the West Indies (UWI) is set to establish The Rex Nettleford Foundation for Caribbean Cultural and Social Studies” in honour of its late Vice-Chancellor Emeritus.

Jamaica: Prison Riot

  11 February 2010

“The Jamaican government and society think that they have more important things to worry about, rather than looking after its prisoners and criminals”: Jamaica Salt blogs about a prison riot in Kingston.

Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti: Defending Haitians

  8 February 2010

In response to a statement that the arrival of Haitian refugees in Jamaica could be seen as a threat to public health, Long Bench republishes a Letter to the Editor that he wrote: “Haitian refugees are not criminals, and should not be treated by citizens or represented in the media...

Jamaica: Athletes of the Decade

  5 February 2010

YardFlex.com reports that Usain Bolt and Veronica Campbell-Brown are “the only Jamaican and Caribbean athletes” who made the prestigious Track and Field News magazine's Athletes of the Decade list.

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Wisdom of Children

  5 February 2010

“I learned that children are naturally giving and spontaneous and if we are not willing to accept some of the ‘wild energy’ of our children and if we continue to treat our schools as warehouses, then we should be prepared to accept the death of their imagination”: Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey...

St. Lucia, Jamaica: Commonwealth Writers

  3 February 2010

“The race to win the coveted titles of Best Book and Best First Book in the 2010 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize has begun”: St. Lucia's Caribbean Book Blog reports, while Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp is excited about the 2010 Commonwealth Short Story Competition.

Jamaica: Last of the “Drumblairs”

  2 February 2010

Geoffrey Philp acknowledges the passing of Albert Huie, the last survivor of the “Drumblair” group of intellectuals and artists that drove the national movement for Jamaican Independence.

Jamaica, Haiti: Like a Refugee

  1 February 2010

Annie Paul tells a tale of a supposed Haitian earthquake refugee who turns out to be “a famished Jamaican fisherman or as the Observer put it, ‘a Jamaican mute from Windsor Castle, Portland.'”