· January, 2010

Stories about Jamaica from January, 2010

Jamaica, Haiti: Using the Language

  25 January 2010

Jamaica's Active Voice says: “Trust the Brits to do the right thing. While our newswomen and men are contorting their mouths reproducing peculiar versions of the Queen's English, British broadcasters are broadcasting to Haitians in their mother tongue–Kreyol.”

Haiti: Waiting for water

  17 January 2010

Nearly six days after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, a severe shortage of drinking water in Port-au-Prince hampers relief efforts. Pleas for water issued via Twitter and other media highlight the severity of the situation.

Jamaica, Haiti: Help to Haiti

  15 January 2010

Jamaica's Yardflex.com reports that dancehall artist Beenie Man has pledged to help Haitian earthquake victims, while Montego Bay Day By Day urges compatriots to “give until it hurts and then give some more.”

Caribbean: Helping Haiti

  14 January 2010

Bloggers around the Caribbean react to the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. Some appeal to the public to support relief efforts; others scrutinise how Caribbean governments and media have responded to the crisis facing the Haitian populace.

Jamaica, Haiti: Twitter as Hero

  14 January 2010

“I don't have words to convey my emotions at the devastation in Haiti”, writes Jamaica's Annie Paul, but she is duly impressed with the way in which Twitter “turned out to be the only reliable source of images and live information from ground zero.”

Haiti: We're Sorry

  13 January 2010

Regional bloggers reach out with compassion to their Haitian neighbours, while Repeating Islands notes that “in the past 500 years, a dozen major earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have occurred in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and...

Jamaica: Journalists and Twitter

  11 January 2010

“I wonder if 2010 will prove to be the year when Jamaican journalists finally discover Twitter”: Annie Paul thinks “their silence on/in this increasingly crucial new medium is deafening.”

Jamaica: Police Power

  6 January 2010

“Just in case we thought that the Jamaican police were unique in their brand of brutality we are reminded that police forces anywhere can be equal opportunity purveyors of brutality and state terror”: Annie Paul republishes a disturbing email from India.

Jamaica: Bountiful Behaviour

  5 January 2010

After Jamaican dancehall artist Bounty Killer goes on a tirade against homosexuals at an upscale charity concert, Stunner says: “Dancehall artistes need to wake up and learn how to conduct themselves appropriately based on the given environment.”