· November, 2009

Stories about Jamaica from November, 2009

Jamaica: Celebrated Athletes

  24 November 2009

“It does my heart proud to see two Jamaican-based athletes cop the 2009 IAAF World Athlete of the Year Awards”: Girl With A Purpose congratulates Usain Bolt and Sanya Richards.

Jamaica, Bahamas, U.S.A.: Copyright Options

  24 November 2009

In response to Jamaican blogger Geoffrey Philp‘s “cautionary tale on the dangers of unregistered creative property”, the Bahamas’ Scavella's Blogsphere says: “This is all very well and good, but I’m not American. I don’t live in the USA. What substitute is there for me?”

Barbados, Jamaica: The Politics of Homosexuality

  17 November 2009

“In Barbados we have a long way to go regarding how as a country we want to deal with the issue of homosexuality”: Barbados Underground says “it would be unfortunate for some if we wait until the next general election” to start discussing…the societal changes to accept this group of...

Jamaica: Home Remedies

  12 November 2009

The Phoenix in a Gas House writes an informative post about a few Jamaican home remedies.

Barbados, Jamaica: Focus on Flogging

  12 November 2009

“How to deal with discipline in a society is never easy,” says Living in Barbados, who adds that “Barbados is still working its way towards a wider acceptance that flogging is not the way to go.”

Barbados, Jamaica: Debt Downgrades

  8 November 2009

“Jamaica's government kicked up a terrific stink with Standard and Poor's (S&P) after the rating agency again downgraded the country's debt”: Living in Barbados wonders how “Barbados’ normally more polite and circumspect politicians” will react to more downgrades.

Jamaica: Bleak Outlook

  3 November 2009

The Liming House says that the resignation of the Central Bank governor, coupled with Standard & Poor's downgrading of the country's rating, ” is…a serious blow to Jamaica.”

Jamaica: Cat Among Pigeons

  2 November 2009

“Although public discourse in Jamaica might lead you to believe that at the root of the country's problems are the ‘irresponsible’ lyrics emanating from its dancehalls, reality suggests otherwise”: Annie Paul delves into “the case of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, wanted by the Americans for a number of drug-related crimes. Their...