· June, 2009

Stories about Jamaica from June, 2009

Jamaica: Hangings to Resume

  30 June 2009

Upon hearing news that the Jamaican government intends to resume hangings, Iriegal is both sad and fearful that the decision is the right one.

Jamaica: Bloggers on Jackson

  29 June 2009

Michael Jackson's death has Jamaican diaspora blogger Geoffrey Philp ruminating on the meaning of life, while Annie Paul says: “the mainstream media has limited credibility for me now [post Jackson's death] particularly in the wake of the Iraq War which they triumphantly and confidently led us into.”

Caribbean, USA: Tributes to the “King of Pop”

  26 June 2009

Despite the controversy which plagued him for the latter part of his eccentric life, the sudden and unexpected death of American-born entertainer Michael Jackson, dubbed "The King of Pop", has touched millions of people around the world - and the Caribbean is no exception. Regional bloggers pay their respects...

Jamaica, Barbados: Updates on H1N1

  26 June 2009

Yardflex.com says 19 Jamaicans have been infected with the H1N1 virus, while Barbados Underground cautions that Swine Flu can't be blamed for everything.

Jamaica: Can the IMF Change?

  22 June 2009

“There is talk of the possibility of the current Jamaican administration returning to do business with the International Monetary Fund“: Abeng News Magazine wonders whether the IMF leopard can change its spots.

Jamaica: Justice?

  16 June 2009

As ten police officers are forced into retirement following suspicion of their involvement in a lottery scam, Jamaica Salt says: “Instead of bringing criminal charges against them, they have been retired early in the ‘public interest’. Is it just me, or does this seem odd?”

Jamaica: High Teen Pregnancy and Sexual Violence Rates

  5 June 2009

Adolescent pregnancy continues to be a major health problem in Jamaica, with 35 percent of Jamaican women having their first pregnancy by age 19. Most of these pregnancies are not planned. Many of these teenage girls also experience sexual violence.

Jamaica: Valuing Treasures

  5 June 2009

Jamaica's Snailwriter notices that construction on the Treasure Beach canal has stopped: “Of course, it ‘stopped’ after the National Works Agency…had finished what they intended to do in this Phase One, had packed up their bulldozers and headed off to seek other funding to complete the destruction.”

Jamaica: One Love

  5 June 2009

“For the four days that I was in Treasure Beach for Calabash 09, I saw two Jamaicas”: Litblogger Geoffrey Philp explains that he would “like to return to a place that doesn’t have 1,611 murders in one year. I don’t want two Jamaicas. I’d just like a Jamaica of One...

Jamaica, Barbados: H1N1 Cases

  4 June 2009

Jamaica's Girl With a Purpose and Barbados’ Cheese-on-bread! and Bajan Dream Diary report on the islands’ first cases of the H1N1 virus.

Jamaica: Calabash & the Maroons

  1 June 2009

Litblogger Geoffrey Philp recounts his experience at Jamaica's recently-concluded Calabash Literary Festival, while Trinidadian Sharon Millar offers some insight into the Maroons of Jamaica.