· March, 2009

Stories about Jamaica from March, 2009

Jamaica, Suriname: Creative Connections

  31 March 2009

“This is why it's important for collaborations to take place in every sphere–in different parts of the Caribbean and elsewhere. For cultural criticism is partly detective work and you can't read all the clues sitting marooned on an island”: Jamaican Annie Paul explores the connections among Caribbean artists.

Global Recession Survey: Survival Tips and Business Opportunities

  27 March 2009

Everybody is trying hard to cope with the global economic crisis. Bloggers are offering survival tips to their readers. Businesses around the world are adjusting. Some are even profiting from the crisis. In this post, I will feature individuals and companies exerting their very best to overcome the recession.

Jamaica: Curtains for Calabash?

  27 March 2009

Diaspora blogger Geoffrey Philp is part of a group that has written an open letter to the Jamaican Prime Minister expressing disappointment over the news “that the 2009 Calabash Festival has been cancelled due to insufficient funding.”

Jamaica: Lessons from the By-Election

  25 March 2009

Abeng News Magazine asks of the results of the recent by-election in West Portland: “What does it tell us about where things currently stand in Jamaica, if this constituency can be viewed as a microcosm of the Jamaican body politic?”, adding, “It’s high time this dual citizenship issue is seriously...

Jamaica: Election Example

  24 March 2009

As the West Portland by-election is settled, Girl With a Purpose says: “What should be noted…is that this by-election went through without incident…the majority of Jamaicans are tired of the crime and violence in general, but especially at election time.”

Jamaica: The Red Earth

  23 March 2009

“The fact that a rich natural resource can be a curse on a country has rung true everywhere – whether it’s oil in Nigeria, cobalt in Congo or in fact bauxite in Jamaica”: Jamaica Salt blogs about the long-term cost of mining aluminium ore on the island.

Jamaica: Mind Games

  20 March 2009

From Jamaica, Girl With a Purpose wonders whether the English and Wales Cricket Board is playing “mind games” with the West Indies.

Jamaica: V-Day

  20 March 2009

Abeng News Magazine reports that Jamaica is an active part of the international V-Day 2009 campaign – “a global movement to stop violence against women and girls.”

Global: Bubbles, Bailouts and Stimulus Plans

  18 March 2009

Identifying the economic woes of the United States is crucial. But we should also understand that other countries are also grappling with bankrupt companies and shrinking economies. Many countries are also implementing their own stimulus plans. What are some of the examples used by bloggers around the world when they discuss the bubble economies, bailout of banks and stimulus plans of their countries?

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Eye of God

  18 March 2009

“The folks at AIG are proceeding as if it’s business as usual, paying out, and accepting, large bonuses, and that from public monies…how is it that some people…can’t grasp that we are…between the Devil and the deep blue sea?”: Jamaican blogger Pamela Mordecai says that the Eye of God image...

Jamaica: Windies Winners?

  17 March 2009

Have the West Indies transformed themselves into a winning cricket team following their 20/20 victory over England? Jamaica's Girl With a Purpose is “cautiously optimistic”.

Jamaica, Dominica: Carbon Neutral?

  17 March 2009

The President of the Maldives plans to make the territory carbon neutral in 10 years; Jamaica Salt sees similarities between the islands and is “looking around for environmental action in JA”, while Steve's Dominica‘s first thought was: “Dominica, ‘Nature island’, Green-globe nation etc etc, should be aiming for this.”

Jamaica: Being Positive

  17 March 2009

Iriegal sees hope for Jamaica when it comes to curbing crime, but would like to see “more success stories on the front page” of the local media.

Jamaica: Payola

  16 March 2009

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica is now getting advertisers involved in the process of cleaning up the airwaves – Active Voice calls it “a welcome move indeed. Hopefully the BCJ will be just as uncompromising in its stand against payola as it has been in relation to ‘indecent’ lyrics.”

Global recession and its discontents

  13 March 2009

Today the world seems flat. From Asia and Africa to Europe and the Americas, the people of the world are experiencing the traumatic effects of a global economic recession. This post is an attempt to describe the social impact of the great financial crisis as seen and felt by ordinary citizens around the world.

Jamaica, Grenada: Writer Shortlisted

  12 March 2009

Blogging from Jamaica, Life, Unscripted, on the Rock reveals that “Jacob Ross from Grenada has been shortlisted…for the 2009 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.”

Jamaica: Congrats, Windies!

  11 March 2009

Blogging from Jamaica, Girl With a Purpose congratulates the West Indies cricket team on winning their first test series in five years.

Barbados, Jamaica: Homophobia?

  11 March 2009

Living in Barbados gets candid about Jamaica's “uncompromisingly hostile attitude towards homosexuality”, saying: “The bottom is not falling out of Jamaica because of gays.”