· November, 2008

Stories about Jamaica from November, 2008

Caribbean: Watching Mumbai

  28 November 2008

From the other side of the world, Caribbean bloggers monitor the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and react with anxiety and consternation.

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Thanksgiving

  27 November 2008

“America is so full of contradictions! For even as our extended family sits down to eat our Thanksgiving dinner, there are many in our neighborhood who are now facing foreclosure and with barely anything to be cheerful about this year”: Jamaican diaspora blogger Geoffrey Philp is thankful for his children...

Jamaica: Austism Speaks

  25 November 2008

“In Jamaica, the word ‘Autism’ is just now becoming a familar word. Years ago, having a child that was ‘different’ can warrant just titles as, ‘baffon’ or ‘Lagga Head'”: A Fe Me Page Dis Iyah is pleased that autistic children are finally beginning to get the help they need.

Jamaica: Don't Worry, Be Happy

  25 November 2008

Active Voice wants to let you know “that despite the global financial meltdown and the downfall of another wall–Wall Street–WE ARE NOT IN PANIC MODE in Jamaica.”

Jamaica: The Real Story

  25 November 2008

Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp weighs in on the discussion about literary authenticity and the Caribbean writer: “Storytellers come and go, but the story of the Caribbean continues to evolve–waiting for storytellers to respond to the relationship between a people and a place through time.”

Jamaica: Political Will

  24 November 2008

“There has been a lot of talk recently of the Government's inabilty to curb the massive escalation of murders, kidnappings and other crimes in Jamaica”: Abeng News Magazine‘s John Fagan says that “the whole system is in chaos” and “it will take political will to fix it.”

Jamaica: March for Peace

  19 November 2008

A recent upsurge in crime over the last few weeks has Jamaicans gravely concerned. Last week's discovery of the body of an eleven (11) year old boy was the latest in a string of attacks against the nation's children. Jamaican blogger (and mother) iriegal of A Fe Me Page Dis...

Jamaica: Schoolboy Murdered

  17 November 2008

A Jamaican schoolboy is sodomized and murdered, prompting Carlos King at Abeng News Magazine to write an open letter to the Prime Minister and Long Bench to address the issue of “the sexism and deep-seated and destructive hatred of homosexuality that pervades this society” with “people pandering to the notion...

Jamaica: Leadership Roles

  14 November 2008

“Leadership has to be about prioritizing and making the unpopular decisions that may not help in getting you re-elected but will set the country on the right course for future growth and development”: Trevor Dawes at Abeng News Magazine wonders “why is it that the Jamaican government, regardless of which...

Caribbean: Tributes to Makeba

  11 November 2008

Jamaica's Abeng News Magazine, Barbados’ Life, Unscripted, on the Rock, and Caribbean blog One Tribe, Many Voices all pay tribute to the late South African musical icon Miriam Makeba.

Jamaica: Women in Danger

  10 November 2008

YardFlex.com reports that “women and girls have been the steady target of unscrupulous men who have been recently wreaking havoc in different areas of Jamaica with their random kidnappings or attempts.”

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Honeymoon's Over

  7 November 2008

“Before the new president has taken a moment to recover from the stress of a protracted and vigorous campaign, his wake-up call has been issued, and more importantly, from America's old nemesis:” Jamaica's Abeng News Magazine says that Barack Obama “won't have much of a honeymoon.”

Jamaica: Farewell to the Dragon – Byron Lee

  5 November 2008

Despite earlier rumours of his death, Jamaica awoke this morning to the news of the passing of the legendary Byron Lee. Lee, bandleader of the Dragonaires, died at the University Hospital of the West Indies yesterday, November 4, 2008, after a two year battle with cancer. Although the news was...

Jamaica: Accidental Shooting

  4 November 2008

YardFlex.com and A Fe Me Page Dis Iyah blog about the untimely death of a Jamaican schoolgirl who was accidentally shot by her father while he was trying to defend the family from bandits.