· October, 2008

Stories about Jamaica from October, 2008

Jamaica: Missing Children

  30 October 2008

YardFlex refers to “some shocking figures that indicate 65 per cent of the 1,112 people reported missing in Jamaica since January 1st 2008 are children.”

Jamaica, Guyana: Academic Performance

  29 October 2008

YardFlex.com is proud that Jamaicans are among the regional high school students being honoured for their outstanding academic performance and encourages them “to continue reaching for the stars.”

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Race to the White House

  28 October 2008

“Let's be real… you want him to win because he's black…”: Stories of Me thinks that “it's no coincidence that most of Jamaica supports Obama for President, and wish they could vote. Only a fraction of those ‘supporters’ know much of Obama's policies, or fully understand the impact of an...

Jamaica: Inaccurate Ranking?

  24 October 2008

My View of JamDown from Up So writes an open letter to Reporters Without Borders, saying he was “disturbed at the high (press freedom) rank of Jamaica in comparison what most people here acknowledge to be reality.”

Jamaica: See Me, Come Live With Me

  24 October 2008

“Many people decide to live in Jamaica because they love the energy and vibe of the culture. Yet, there are those who decide that this is country is far too difficult for them to manage and bolt in less than a year”: Transition Sunshine offers a glimpse into “the real...

Cuba, Jamaica: Press Freedom Index

  23 October 2008

Diaspora bloggers from Cuba (Uncommon Sense) and Jamaica (My View of JamDown from Up So) talk about where their respective countries fall in the recently-released Reporters Without Borders 2008 press freedom index.

Jamaica: Abuse of Power

  23 October 2008

As a Defence Force corporal already under investigation is involved in another shooting incident, Long Bench says: “This episode ought to go down as a classic case of how police brutality in Jamaica is aided and abetted by everyone who has had the power of the state to back them...

Jamaica: Senseless Murders

  21 October 2008

“The government and the security forces just seem powerless in the face of these heartless crimes that are being committed in our small island”: Jamaican blogger Stunner says that the violence is hitting too close to home.

Jamaica: Anti-Corruption Crusade

  20 October 2008

Kadene Porter of Abeng News Magazine blogs about Jamaica's Commissioner of Customs, who seems intent on rooting out corruption in his department: “He will need not only the unequivocal backing of the government, but the full support of the public and the endorsement of opinion leaders in the society.”

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Joe the Metaphor?

  17 October 2008

“‘Joe The Plumber’ stopped being real and became a metaphor, and as a storyteller who delights in metaphors, the discussion suddenly became more interesting,” says Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp of the final US Presidential debate.

Jamaica: Financial Crisis

  15 October 2008

A Fe Me Page Dis Iyah says that Jamaica will feel the effects of the global financial crisis primarily through remittances and tourism: “What Jamaica needs to do is produce more of the food we eat and cut down spending on luxurious foreign items and this will offset any reduction...

Jamaica, Haiti: Blogging about Poverty

  15 October 2008

“One of the remarkable consequences of blogging is that people of like minds can join together to raise the global consciousness about a particular issue”: Jamaican Geoffrey Philp uses his blogging powers to draw attention to the poverty in Haiti.

Haiti, Jamaica, T&T: Thoughts on Haiti

  13 October 2008

Haiti Innovation wonders what's next for the hurricane-ravaged town of Gonaives, while Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp focuses on a new book about Haiti.

Jamaica: Changing Attitudes?

  13 October 2008

As The Jamaica Gleaner runs an article on the changing attitudes towards homosexuality (along with an interesting choice of stock photography), My View of JamDown from Up So wonders “what/if any backlash there will be among readers regarding this picture of two women, especially considering this is published on a...

Jamaica: Guineps

  13 October 2008

Moving Back to Jamaica features a post by Susan Warmington about Guineps, a local fruit: “Do you remember how that Guinep sounds when you bite into it? The delicious crack that it makes as the crisp skin gives way under your teeth? That flavor cannot truly be compared to any...