· November, 2007

Stories about Jamaica from November, 2007

Caribbean: Giving Thanks

  22 November 2007

Thanksgiving may be a traditionally North American holiday - but more and more, the Caribbean seems to be taking notice - so much so that many regional bloggers have been paying a warm West Indian tribute to Thanksgiving…

Jamaica: Blogging for Literature

  20 November 2007

Geoffrey Philp reflects on the mission of his blog: “We need to preserve our literature. For what else is literature but memory and promise: who we thought we have been and what we imagine ourselves to be.”

Jamaica: The Road Less Traveled

  19 November 2007

“It's one of those moments when you stop waiting for something to happen, and you make something happen,” writes Francis Wade, as he sets about helping to fix certain roads in Jamaica.

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Impulse Purchase?

  17 November 2007

“When I travel back to the U.S. I am blown away by how often the message is beamed at me to ‘BUY NOW, OR ELSE.’ Here in Jamaica, however, things don't quite work like that” – and Francis Wade likes it that way.

Jamaica: Ignorance or Bliss?

  16 November 2007

“It hurts me to say the truth — those of us in Jamaica who are educated and employed benefit from those who aren't,” writes Francis Wade, as he blogs about economic realities.

Jamaica: All Work and No Play

  16 November 2007

“Yesterday while at work, I looked on the computer clock, noted that it was past 4:00pm and silently cheered. When did I become a clock watcher?” asks CityGirl.

Jamaica: Terms of Endearment

  15 November 2007

“Coming back to work in the Caribbean has meant getting used to using words of endearment that professionals in developed countries have long eschewed”: Jamaican Francis Wade tries to strike a balance.

Jamaica: Where De Lizard?

  9 November 2007

What's “thick and long and fat…and just big enough to keep a few thousand Jamaicans from ever moving home permanently”? Francis Wade spills the beans.

Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba: Lightbulb Scandal

  8 November 2007

Barbados Free Press blogs about the Jamaican lightbulb scandal and says: “Citizens of Barbados should pay close attention”, while Stunner's Afflictions asks: “Will there be criminal charges? Or will we see more bawling in the house of Parliament?”