· September, 2007

Stories about Jamaica from September, 2007

Jamaica: Grateful Day

  28 September 2007

In light of the situation in Myanmar, Montego Bay Day By Day writes: “Although this little rock called Jamaica isn't perfect, I am indeed grateful that, as of this date, we can criticize our government quite harshly without fear.”

Cuba, Jamaica: Under Siege in Burma

  27 September 2007

Uncommon Sense blogs about the struggle in Burma, while Montego Bay Day By Day says: “Freedom is not a thing that is earned. It is a right that is obtained at the very moment that one is deemed alive.”

Jamaica: Nobel Prize Picks

  24 September 2007

“It goes without saying that the list of writers that haven’t won will always be more impressive than those who have, but that’s matter more of volume than taste”: Marlon James puts forward his picks for this year's Nobel Prize in Literature.

Jamaica: Extravagant Books?

  21 September 2007

Jamaican Geoffrey Philp wonders whether V.S Naipaul was right about book-buying in the Caribbean being considered “an extravagance” and asks his readers to weigh in on the subject.

Jamaica: Why Winkler Writes

  19 September 2007

“Personally, I think our triumph in having produced two Nobel laureates in literature owes something to the barrenness of our literary tradition”: Geoffrey Philp features Jamaican author Anthony C. Winkler as he talks about why he writes.

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Maharaj's New Novel

  18 September 2007

“I was more interested in the ambivalence that many West Indians feel about the canefields, a reminder of more oppressive times and also a means to a livelihood”: Geoffrey Philp's Blogspot features Trinidad-born author Rabindranath Maharaj as he discusses his new novel.

Jamaica: New Government Gets Its Start

  18 September 2007

“As quick as I am to congratulate Mr. Golding, I am quite disappointed in a few moves he has made, within a short space of time”: Jamaican Lifestyle has its eye on post-election politics on the island.

Jamaica, DR, Cuba, Haiti: Sugar Protocol

  18 September 2007

The Latin Americanist reports that ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) countries are calling on the European Union to uphold the “Sugar Protocol” agreement, which guarantees that EU states buy and import agreed quantities of sugar at certain prices.

Jamaica: Reverse Colonisation

  12 September 2007

Marlon James blogs about what he calls his “colonisation in reverse”, and why he felt he needed to leave Jamaica: “I love my country but I’ve never missed it, perhaps because I have never forgotten the reasons I left.”

Jamaica: Election Court?

  12 September 2007

Moving Back to Jamaica asks: “What happens if the PNP is successful in its attempts to have 2 elected candidates disqualified because they are U.S. citizens? The situation…cries out for a peaceful and amicable solution.”

Barbados, Jamaica: A Good Citizen

  11 September 2007

Following the controversy in Jamaica over the dual citizenship of certain successful electoral candidates, Caribbean Comment explores the idea of what it means to be a citizen.