· July, 2007

Stories about Jamaica from July, 2007

Jamaica: Adjust Your Tone

  31 July 2007

“Email messages here in the region can often sound abrupt, sharp and even downright rude. How do you adjust the tone of an email?” Jamaican Francis Wade has a few suggestions.

Jamaica: Forrest and Freedom

  30 July 2007

“This is what I feel writing and self-publishing has given me the right that I was born with–permission to speak.” Forrest Gump helps Jamaican blogger Geoffrey Philp understand the meaning of freedom.

Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Dominica: On the Bookshelf

  28 July 2007

Instead of getting caught up in Potter-mania, Andre Bagoo has “fallen prey to the wonderful tone of White Teeth, a book I had avoided reading for years because of its bulk. Blake, my favorite poet, is also fashionable these days and I finished Jean Rhys’ gem A Voyage in the...

Barbados, Jamaica: Let's Talk About Voting

  28 July 2007

With elections facing the nation possibly as early as October, Barbados Free Press wants to stimulate discussion on the voting process, while Living in Barbados says, “Spending a few days in Jamaica right now is interesting” as the island gears up for elections on August 27.

Trinidad & Tobago: Caribbean Film Icons

  26 July 2007

“It took Spike Jones to push Horace Ové into second place in a new ranking of iconic Black directors.” As the Caribbean Beat Blog reviews the results of the 100 Black Screen Icons poll, it pays homage to some of the people who have contributed to Caribbean film.

Jamaica: Prison System

  25 July 2007

“You are just a body waiting for the undertaker if you are not a good thinker.” Byron Skitta Mesquita at The Inmate Diaries shares a few lessons that the Jamaican prison system has taught him.

Jamaica: Election Violence?

  24 July 2007

As Jamaica's elections draw closer, an atypical newscast gives CityGirl hope “that the supposedly uneducated are finally wising up, no longer willing to sit idly by while the politicians use them as baits…”

Jamaica: Reggae and the Diaspora

  20 July 2007

“One of the implications of this nexus between Rastafari and the work of songwriters such as Burning Spear, Bob Andy and Bob Marley was their insistence in giving voice to the plight of the dispossessed by using the prophetic discourse of the Bible.” Jamaican Geoffrey Philp explains.

Jamaica: A Caribbean Harry Potter?

  18 July 2007

As the world anticipates the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this weekend, Geoffrey Philp wonders whether there could ever be a similar series from the Caribbean: “While it is possible to write a children’s book using the nature religions of Great Britain, it is unthinkable to write...

Caribbean: West Indies Cricket Board Elections

  17 July 2007

“You might think that the position is so blighted that no one wants it, or you may think it just odd that only one name apiece was tossed into the circle for the posts of president and vice-president of the West Indies Cricket Board.” Vaneisa Baksh at CaribbeanCricket.com weighs in...

Jamaica: Mad Season

  17 July 2007

“The violence is so entrenched in our political culture I just don't see it changing anytime soon.” Stunner returns home from vacation to find himself in the midst of Jamaica's “mad season”.

Jamaica: The Large Black Woman

  17 July 2007

“How is the large black woman represented in both literary and popular venues? How is she perceived? How do her race, size and gender intersect in her representation?” Geoffrey Philp features Jamaican author Andrea Elizabeth Shaw in her own words.

Jamaica: Election Campaign

  16 July 2007

In the wake of reports of violence in the lead-up to Jamaica's general elections, Jamaica Elections 2007 Blog links to a TV advertisement by the Electoral Office of Jamaica which states, “It's foolish to fight over elections.”