· June, 2007

Stories about Jamaica from June, 2007

Jamaica: Engaged Employees

  27 June 2007

Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle links to research which finds a connection between engaged employees and increased competitiveness: “Interesting, especially given my estimate that some 60-80% of Caribbean employees are disengaged.”

Jamaica: Personal Space

  27 June 2007

“From the beginning of slavery, there has been a war fought over black bodies and black space and because we have been victims in the past, we have conceded our space and our right to that space and it has had a debilitating effect on our self-esteem.” Jamaican Geoffrey Phlip...

Jamaica: Hurting for WI Cricket

  26 June 2007

The West Indies Cricket Blog links to Jamaican sports journalist Tony Becca's piece on why it hurts so much to talk about West Indies Cricket.

If Bloggers attended the Conference on the Caribbean…

  25 June 2007

This past week (June 18-21) leaders of CARICOM met with President George W. Bush and other top U.S. government officials in Washington as part of the Conference on the Caribbean. Official word from the U.S. Press Secretary is that: “The Conference on the Caribbean continues an important dialogue between the...

Barbados, Jamaica: Flight Record

  25 June 2007

“Gotta love this guy because he is almost THE poster child for ‘I can do anything if I put my mind to it.'” Barbados Free Press applauds the efforts of 23 year-old Jamaican Barrington Irving, soon to become the youngest pilot ever to fly around the world solo.

Jamaica: Trusting Walcott

  20 June 2007

“A battle over individuality, morality, divinity, and spelling was being fought on a Caribbean beach. I loved it.” A passage from Omeros inspires Jamaican Geoffrey Philp to write about why he trusts poet Derek Walcott more than his pastor.

Jamaica: Homophobia and Tourism

  15 June 2007

Francis Wade wonders whether the signals Jamaica is sending to the international community about its position on homosexuality is having an adverse affect on the island's image.

Jamaica: Imagination

  15 June 2007

“Our imaginations determine the quality of our lives. Change, personally and nationally, occurs when the imagination is engaged in purposeful activity.” Geoffrey Philp muses about charity, imagination and risk.

Jamaica: Blog Novel

  13 June 2007

Jamaican Geoffrey Philp has just finished a novel inspired by the blogosphere – and his agent thinks its “the first of its kind in fiction”.

Barbados, Jamaica: Police Dropped the Ball

  12 June 2007

In response to the news that the former Pakistan cricket coach died of natural causes, Barbados Underground “has found the handling of the Woolmer case to be highly incompetent given the information which has been made public so far. The international event CWC 2007 did not deserve to be tainted...

Jamaica: Caribbean Americans and the American dream

  11 June 2007

Geoffrey Philp confesses that he had no intention of becoming a Caribbean-American, because he wanted to be known only as a Jamaican writer – but he now realises that Caribbean-Americans “have had a significant role in shaping the conscience of America”.

Jamaica: Police Corruption

  11 June 2007

Francis Wade shares his thoughts about police corruption in Jamaica: “At a pay rate that is abysmal, how much can be expected? They have dangerous jobs, in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and they can barely afford to scratch out a basic existence. Their response is...

Jamaica: The Beauty of Politics

  8 June 2007

“What does beauty have to with political representation?” asks City Girl, upon hearing the news that a former Jamaican Miss World has been chosen to represent a key political constituency.

Jamaica: Customs Woes

  7 June 2007

The alleged involvement of Caribbean nationals in the recent JFK terror plot complicates Jamaican Marlon James’ entry into the US: “Maybe I do come to the States too much. I have never been to Europe, or Africa, or South America or even most of the Caribbean. Why was I coming...

Jamaica: ‘Tis Better to Give

  5 June 2007

“While we have tremendous problems in the country with thieves, we seem to spend so much of our time beating a system that when something is offered at no cost, we have no idea what to do with it.” Francis Wade has discovered that while the joy is in the...

Jamaica: Just Say ‘No’

  4 June 2007

“Lyrical violence has slowly spread throughout the dancehall, resulting in feuds that incite fans and ruin dances.” Jamaican Veiw reports that certain DJs have refused to play songs that promote violence.

Jamaica: Castleton Gardens

  1 June 2007

“I believe that as a citizen of Jamaica I should know as much of the island as I can.” Stunner takes a photographic tour of Jamaica's Castleton Gardens.