· April, 2007

Stories about Jamaica from April, 2007

Jamaica: Caribbean Networking

  30 April 2007

In considering the concept of regional networking, Jamaican Francis Wade thinks “it is critical that our region's professionals take the task of managing their online brand as an essential one — as essential as deciding what to wear to work each day.”

Jamaica: New Caribbean Novels

  27 April 2007

Jamaican Geoffrey Philp is excited about The River's Song – a new book by by Jacqueline Bishop – and other soon-to-be-released Caribbean novels.

Caribbean: Farewell to a cricketing legend

  25 April 2007

In the early ’90s, the West Indies' dominance of the international cricket scene entered its long decline. There were fewer victories to celebrate, fewer exceptional demonstrations of the brilliance to which West Indian fans had become so accustomed. And when there were bright spots, they often came courtesy of one man: Brian Charles Lara. Lara played his last ever international cricket match in Barbados on April 21, 2007, in front of thousands of fans and visitors. The Caribbean blogosphere pays tribute to the man some consider the greatest cricketer of all time.

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: VT Tragedy Hits Home

  19 April 2007

Writing from Jamaica, The Life and Times of Michmac is saddened by the tragedy at Virgina Tech, yet relieved that “somebody up there is looking out for me”. And TNTLime.com reprints an article from Newsday, which interviews a Trinidadian who is a student at VT: ““It is hard to take...

Guyana: Do The Chicken!

  19 April 2007

The Jolly Spectator reports that the enthusiastic, fun-loving attitude of Irish cricket supporters (not to mention their team's unique dance moves) have made the Irish the darlings of the Caribbean: “Said Irish Captain Trent Johnston of Guyana, Barbados, and Jamaica, ‘I think the locals have warmed to us.’ Why? Perhaps...

Jamaica: Decolonization of the Mind

  17 April 2007

Further to his post on Frances-Anne Solomon, who called creation “a form of terror, particularly when you come from a colonial context”, Geoffrey Philp examines fellow Jamaican Olive Senior's poem Colonial Girls School, which grapples with decolonization of the mind.

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Bombastic?

  17 April 2007

Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have been baring their teeth at each other recently over two major issues. The first is that Trinidad Cement Limited acquired a 43.5% stake in Jamaica's Carib Cement, a move that has not sat well with many Jamaicans, especially following last year’s debacle over cement...

Jamaica: West Indies are Minnows

  12 April 2007

Jamaican b C wishes the West Indies well, but calls a spade a spade: “The truth is, the West Indies team is a minnow. You can't win matches when your opening pair of batsman can't give you more than 24 runs. You can't win when only one strike bowler actually...

Jamaica: Frances-Anne Solomon Speaks

  12 April 2007

Jamaican Geoffrey Philp features writer, producer and filmmaker Frances-Anne Solomon in her own words: “Creation is a form of Terror, particularly when you come from a colonial context and background in which Empire (read: a sense of inferiority) was imposed through education, language, culture, as much if not more than...

Jamaica: Film Industry

  11 April 2007

ART:Jamaica examines the question of what having a Jamaican film industry actually means: “The idea of ‘Film’…is cool, hip, seductive and perhaps for this reason connects with the image Jamaica presents to the world.”

Guyana, Jamaica: Driving Miss Crazy?

  9 April 2007

Living Guyana drives home his point about the local taxi drivers: “Clearly, the Guyana taxi industry lives by two codes – ‘we'll get you there – dead or alive’ and ‘we'll brake when we hit something'”. And the Jamaican blogger at Stories of Me recounts his own driving woes: “Driving...

Jamaica: West Indies Team to Blame

  4 April 2007

As we enter Holy Week, Idle Yout Speeks is careful not to crucify the Crown Prince of Cricket for the sins of the entire West Indies team: “Let's not be quick to behead the king while we let the headless chickens around him run amok.”

Jamaica: Rex Nettleford's UN Address

  3 April 2007

The Life and Times of Michmac recalls being taught by Professor Rex Nettleford and links to his keynote address to the United Nations on the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Jamaica: The Burying Years

  3 April 2007

Marlon James is forced to consider his own mortality as he enters the stage of life he dubs “The Burying Years”.