· December, 2006

Stories about Jamaica from December, 2006

Jamaica: What the country needs

  27 December 2006

Francis Wade grapples with his desire, as a returnee to Jamaica, to find solutions to some of the problems plaguing his homeland: “Certainly, I am sure, a part of the answer has to with where we draw our spiritual wisdom, and how we Jamaicans do not sufficiently engage in our...

Jamaica: Development and apathy

  26 December 2006

Pondering the debate in Jamaica over proposed development for bauxite in Cockpit Country, AliceClaire asks: “Really, which is worse: our myopic vision and planning or a largely, and surprisingly, dormant civil society that let's too many things slide right on by them?“

Jamaica: Entrepreneurship and governance

  26 December 2006

Jamaican blogger Francis Wade is concerned that “our leaders of government who have never run companies do not understand the nature of business, and when they start to support the individual’s “right to a job” they do not understand what they are saying.”

Jamaica: Manley and the new global politics

  21 December 2006

The Latin America News Review posts an article by Claude Robinson about Jamaica's former Prime Minister, Michael Manley: “Professor Marable, one of America's most published and controversial academics, believes that Manley's central ideas about social justice in both the domestic and global contexts can have a new resonance in the...

Trinidad & Tobago: World Cup Cricket Visa Requirements

  20 December 2006

“Aussie cricket fans are furious about new visa entry requirements to go to World Cup matches in Antigua, Jamaica and Barbados. It's the first time they have ever needed such visas, and they go at a whopping $128 a piece.” The Caribbean Beat blog wonders about the wisdom of the...

Jamaica: Kingston on Malaria Alert

  18 December 2006

“Everybody who knows me, know that mosquitoes don't bite me,” says Kara – until now – just when Jamaica's capital city is facing a Malaria outbreak.

Trinidad & Tobago: Paime

  15 December 2006

TriniGourmet discovers that Paime, a Trinbagonian Christmas favourite, is also enjoyed by West Indians in other islands, albeit by different names. She also posts appetizing photos along with a recipe.

Jamaica: Anti-Service Culture

  14 December 2006

“…Sales people often seem to be actively working against closing the deal; in this sense, we can call it an ‘anti-service’ culture,” writes Stet as she offers fascinating examples of this Jamaican phenomenon.

Caribbean: Cricket World Cup

  13 December 2006

Ninad Gujar is looking forward to the “47 days of World Class Cricket” that the 2007 Cricket World Cup (being held in the Caribbean) will provide. He outlines the format of the tournament and posts photos and statistics of previous winners.

Jamaica: “Elegy for a Fallen General”

  13 December 2006

“…Like many other Chileans forced out of our country, today I regret only one thing: that we never saw you in front of a judge.” Vivianne Schnitzer's words on the death of Chilean ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet so touched Geoffrey Philp that he posted a poem, Elegy for a Fallen General.

Jamaica: Encourage Entrepreneurship

  12 December 2006

Fwade cites entrepreneurship as a critical contributing factor to Jamacia's economy: “The truth is that educating another lawyer, doctor or accountant is unlikely to contribute much to our GDP. Narrow technical abilities are admirable, but nowhere near as vital to countries in which the large mass of people cannot afford...

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Regional Airlines

  6 December 2006

At a time when regional airlines are struggling to stay profitable, Jamaican Blogger republishes an article from Jamaicaworldwide.com about the future of Air Jamaica. And Lifespan of a Chennette gets sentimental about the impending close of Trinidad and Tobago's BWIA.

Jamaica: Deborah Jack

  6 December 2006

Another Caribbean author featured at the 2006 Miami Book Fair is Deborah Jack, a multi-media artist who grew up in St. Maarten. Geoffrey Philp posts a podcast of Jack's reading of “The Rainy Season”, her first published book of poetry.

Jamaica: Pam Mordecai

  4 December 2006

Geoffrey Philp talks about Jamaican author Pamela Mordecai, who reads excerpts of her work in a podcast from the 2006 Miami Book Fair.

Jamaica: Perry Henzell's Legacy

  4 December 2006

As the Flashpoint Film Festival opens in Negril, Jamaican View remembers Perry Henzell, the late director of “The Harder They Come”, a Caribbean film classic.

Bahamas: Tribute to Bahamian intellectual

  2 December 2006

Nicolette Bethel republishes a tribute to the late Bahamian intellectual, Winston V. Saunders, by Rex Nettleford, Vice Chancellor Emeritus of the University of the West Indies and founder of the Jamaica National Dance Theatre.