· November, 2006

Stories about Jamaica from November, 2006

Jamaica: The man who was buried twice

  30 November 2006

Ria Bacon recounts the story of the twice- — indeed thrice- — buried man and other bits of history pertaining to Port Royal, Jamaica, which, before its destruction by earthquake in the 17th century, earned itself the title of “wickedest city on earth.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Musical credit where credit's due

  24 November 2006

Applauding Jamaican dancehall star Sean Paul's triumph at the American Music Awards, caroline.neisha at the Caribbean Beat weblog expresses hopes that Trinidadian artists will one day achieve similar success: “I don't think our culture needs to be validated or recognised by any other culture in order to be valuable… But...

Jamaica: Respect the currency

  22 November 2006

Jamaican Mummy Mel appeals to her compatriots to show their patriotism by respecting the local currency: “All too often I see people screwing up their faces and bitchin about the state of the economy and how the dollar depreciating every day. Well how the hell you expect the economy to...

Jamaica: “I am HIV”

  17 November 2006

It's widely acknowledged, in the Caribbean and elsewhere, that the fear of stigma and discrimination is a major factor preventing people with HIV/AIDS from seeking treatment or from admitting their HIV status publicly. For this woman, however, photographed in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica by blogger and Flickr user Ria...

Jamaica:”Borat” and the thin line

  16 November 2006

For the Jamaican blogger BassChocolate, watching — and laughing at — the film Borat raises some conflicting issues: “Many Jamaicans are offended with Americans portray us as Weed Orgy Central. How would we feel if we were portrayed in a major motion picture as a country which condoned rape and...

Caribbean Women's Forum

  14 November 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a Radio Kiskeya news article stating (Fr): “The 2d Caribbean Women's Forum ended the evening of November 10th in Fort-de-France, Martinique with the participation of a Haitian delegation led by Feminine Condition Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue … Delegations from various Caribbean countries (Guadeloupe, Dominica,...

Jamaica: Cultures clash over “dutty wine”

  8 November 2006

Ria Bacon comments on the clash of cultures taking place in the discussions surrounding the ultra-popular “dutty wine” dance since moves associated with the latter allegedly caused the death of a young woman. She also links to a YouTube video and reports that there are 2000+ similar examples to be...

Jamaica: Live TV, dead children

  7 November 2006

“a 21st century child not much different from the Victorian: one whose circumstances have forced him to grow up too fast,” writes Jamaican novelist Marlon James in his analysis of the effects of certain forms of mass media on young people.

Who owns Jamaica?

  2 November 2006

The central issue in Jamaica's next general election, says Xamayca, is determining who has “ownership” of the country.

Jamaica: An absent skill

  2 November 2006

Francis Wade tries to put his finger on the thing he believes makes Jamaicans an “unreflective” people: “Our reluctance to pursue these inner questions leaves the wild contradictions in our lives firmly place. It therefore means that they never get resolved on a national scale.“